#TBT: Vintage Sneaker Ads

Before there were sneakerheads desperate for a fresh pair of kicks, there were plain old shoe companies hawking their goods. Of course, they were still selling lifestyle in one way or the other, but they are a far cry from today’s hyper-designed, hyper-futuristic sneaker ads. For this #TBT, throw on some kicks and walk down memory lane with these vintage sneaker ads. 

Gamechangers: Honoring Content Creators Breaking Away from the Norm

I have no memories of the days of giant ad agencies, martini lunches, and art departments that actually used sketch books to create ads. I never had anyone like Don Draper as a boss. I wasn’t even alive in those golden days of huge budgets and captive audiences. Times have changed—dramatically—since the advent of instant communications, online video, Google analytics, and follower counts. Things are more efficient than ever but somehow often more ineffective than ever.

Nike’s Conceptual Plane Designed for Professional Athletes

Design firm Teague and Nike have partnered to create a digital concept for a jet intended to transport professional athletes from city to city. Typically, pro sports teams and their coaches fly on planes with normal seating arrangements and listen to music for the duration of the flight – but, what if instead the plane offered rooms for massage and training, a film room to watch playbacks, and a lounge to simply chill? Welcome aboard that luxurious vision from Teague and Nike.

Nice Kicks: A Visual History of Nike

When it comes to footwear dominance, nobody comes closer to Nike. After more than 40 years of creating shoes designed for the athletically minded and the stylistically conscious, their shoes and their famous swoosh have been seen, envied and copied around the world. One of their many fans is Stephen Cheetham. This London based “illustrator / designer / graphic artist / whatever you want to call it” is a major sneaker / trainer fan and has thus created a series of crisp graphics showing many of Nike’s most iconic shoes from the 70’s through the 2000’s. The graphic ranges from their original Cortez running shoe in 1971, through their Considered BB of 2007.

4 Years Early: The Back to the Future Nike MAG

There was one sneaker to own in 1989 and you had to travel to the future to get a pair: Marty McFly’s futuristic, self-lacing, 2015 Nike MAG’s from Back To The Future II. Now, good news for those who have been drooling for the last 22 years: Nike recently created a kicking real life version of the famous and unobtainable sneaker, featuring sweet LED lighted emblems, the iconic teal-flecked gray sole and wrap around cuff. Sadly self-lacing didn’t make it into this edition, but maybe we’ll see that when 2015 really rolls around.

Getting your hands on a pair of the shoes will be challenging. Nike has released just 1500 pairs to the public via eBay auction, with 150 pairs going online for each of 10 days. Appropriately, 100% of proceeds from this very cool project go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Get your pair now!

Sporting Illustrations for the Outdoor Lifestyle

Drawing inspiration from the natural Oregon wilds of his youth, illustrator Adam Haynes creates intricate paintings of the outdoors and its sporting culture. His work has been quickly gaining notoriety far beyond home; here we bring you a selection of his fine design work for Nike, Adidas and Deschutes Brewery. Check out the charming, recently released video about Haynes below, then swing by stickfort.com for more on his work.

Nike Ramps Up Their Social Media: Video Contest

Nike’s new ad campaign ‘The Chosen’ brings attention to a host of sports fields the company has long neglected. Their campaign launch video features some slick skateboarding, BMX, surfing and snowboarding, all filmed in the dark of night.

What truly sets this campaign apart, though, is it’s heavy reliance on social media by the large corporation. The campaign launch video (shown below) premiered 3 days before it’s traditional media air date during the NBA finals, clearly showing a significant investment by the company, financially and in focus, into the quickly growing social media market. More specifically it demonstrates one of the most recognizable brands in the world placing a higher value on new media than traditional media.

Geometric Artwork From Moscow

It would be easy to say that Moscow based artist, Aske, is a man of many facets… his artwork reflects that. With new geometric works that look almost as if they jumped off a computer screen from 1992, he is adding one more style to his already diverse catalog of visual themes.

Aske is the founder of SickSystems, originally concieved as a graffiti troupe consisting of three members. In recent years, being the most active member, he has converted the company into a personal project and expanded it’s scope to include projects in graphic design, illustration, typography and more. His clients have included such big name brands as Nike and Stussy.

Always looking to the next project and creating in the most diverse ways he can imagine, his motto is to “move forward and enjoy what he does.”