Hilarious Newspaper Photo Bombs: Forced Perspective


Even in the busiest cities where the people watching is endless, a daily commute can start to get boring after awhile. But one sneaky photographer found a way to surround himself with celebrities, animals with human bodies, and even Yoda, making his commute all the more interesting. Using a folded newspaper, he uses forced perspective to transform unsuspecting commuters into princesses, ostriches, and the president! Some of the newspaper photobombs of the anonymous photographer were featured in NY Daily News and he does this all for the entertainment of himself and for a daily pick me up for his friends when he emails them his captures of the day! Talk about perfect timing!

Newspaper Blackout Poetry


Sometimes in life you can only grasp the true beauty of things when you read between the lines. That is exactly what Austin Kleon has been doing to old newspapers. Using a black marker, he takes away the words he doesn’t need, creating new poetic verses. He has compiled his poetry into a book called Newspaper Blackout and invites others to upload their own blackout poetry on his Tumblr page. It’s like a new twist on magnetic poetry that will leave you unable to look at a newspaper in the same way again!

How Is The Newspaper Industry Trying to Save Itself?

The newspaper industry has been witnessing its profit margins continue to drop over the past few years. They previously supported themselves through the old model of traditional delivery, on-street display and classified print advertisements, but as the digital landscape continues to grow, newspapers are quickly falling behind — with more than half of the industry’s ad revenue decreasing over the past few years. Check out this graphic to see what they’re doing to stop this loss of revenue, and take a look at their gradual move towards new profit models.

Radiohead to Release Free Newspaper Worldwide

It’s still unclear what it will contain: the latest song lyrics, political ramblings or avant garde-prose… but Radiohead is set to release a single edition newspaper next week: The Universal Sigh. Slated for distribution at select locations around the world on March 28th (or on the 29th in the US and Canada), the free hard copy work is being announced as a commemorative piece to the bands new album, The King of Limbs. On the dedicated Universal Sigh website, readers are being encouraged to “post pictures of themselves and their friends reading the newspaper in locations diverse and unusual.” Also promised: “There will be other stuff too, but we haven’t thought of it yet.”

Turkish Love and War: Blissful Animation

Covering 294 walls in 4 cities while traveling 2930 kilometers, the Turkish electronic group Sokak Savasa Karsi, cuts out a street based animation against terror and war. To create the animation, figures of soldiers were cut out of ordinary pieces of newspaper and attached to walls around the four cities. Then capturing each soldier individually, they were animated for a blissful, loving finish.