Art Emerges After the Storm Has Passed

As the East Coast states devastated by Hurricane Sandy begin to pick up the pieces, it is inspiring to see the beautiful displays of solidarity. If there is any place that has proven its ability to overcome tragedy, it’s New York City. In the same year that One World Trade Center is rebuilt, New Yorkers were tested again with this hurricane, and are slowly but surely getting back on their feet. Personally I would hate to see this happen in Chicago, San Francisco or Los Angles. Sadly many art pieces and galleries were destroyed in the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy and that is something we will never get back. Here are some of the designs that emerged from this natural disaster.

30 Inches of Snow in 30 Seconds

When it snows in New Jersey, it really snows! Capturing ever-building drifts of snow over a 40 hour period, photographer Michael Black measured 32 inches of powdery snow after a December 26th snowstorm. To film the event, he used a Canon DSLR on a tripod with a remote timer taking an image every 5 minutes.

Michael Black’s photos have been featured at CNN, CBS, The New York Times, The Asbury Park Press and many others. For more on his work see his Facebook page.