The Honey Hunters of Nepal

When we think of honey, we don’t think of scaling a cliff with giant bees to get it. These images tell the photographic story, shot by Eric Valli, of the Himalayan Gurung men of Nepal harvesting honey.  The images, shot in 1987, are so modern for being an almost 25 year old shoot and while the unbelievable nature of the photos make it hard to believe that they are not staged, they simultaneously have an intimate feeling that is so natural and real. Valli captures the essence of these astounding men on their incredible journey to do something that seems so simple, but is not in the least.

Skydive Everest! Free Falling From 29,000 ft


Very few people can say they have climbed Mt. Everest… even fewer can say they have skydived Mt. Everest. The first successful climb of the world’s highest peak was in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, when famously Sir Hillary insisted that Norgay take the last steps to the summit, so that neither could claim to be the first on their own.  Since then, many more have reached the summit — blind people, disabled people and more. It was not until 55 years after the first successful climb that someone decided that skydiving the peak was in order.

Mt. Everest: Inside the Death Zone


There is an area, above 8,000 meters elevation, where your body will no longer replenish its oxygen store. No matter how much you breath, no matter how much you have prepared, with an oxygen concentration only 1/3 of that which is at sea level, you have at most 48 hours before you run out. Only 14 mountains in the world allow you to step past this elevation, called the death zone. Everest is one.

Because at this elevation each individual climber is struggling for their own existence, most climbers reach a realization that if anyone is injured, they will have no way to help. An even more sobering realization is that if you make any mistakes, no one else will have the strength to help you.

Renan Ozturk Climbs Mountains While Filming

Need some inspiring adventure? Look no further than North Face climber Renan Ozturk. Not only does he climb some of the most challenging mountain routes known, but he also films his climbs and turns them into beautifully edited stories. Inspired by the scenery that surrounds his climbs, Renan also creates fine art paintings that have hung in galleries all over the US. For more on Renan and his many passions, check out his website, or his blog.

My Day “Living the Dream”
When he isn’t out being a vagabond climbing rock walls around the world, this is Renan’s quintessential day, living the dream in Boulder, Colorado.