Birds Eye View Of Massive Cruise Ships

Who doesn’t love cruising through the ocean with all you can eat buffets and activities galore? Well I suppose those with motion sickness, Titanic-induced PTSD, or a number of other situations, however- most people love a good cruise. Like a super hotel on the ocean, cruise ships have casinos, ballrooms, multiple pools, rock climbing walls, and anything you can dream of. To see the magnitude of their size from a little dingy or a dock is humbling, but from this vantage point, cruise ships don’t look so intimidating. Photographer Jeffrey Milstein shot these ocean liners from an aerial view, which makes them look more like a computer part than a massive water vessel.

Street Art Moves to the Water in North Wales


With the motto, “Your ship looked like $H!# so we painted it!” international street art collective DuDug brightened up the cruise liner, the Duke of Lancaster, which has been sitting in the same spot collecting rust since 1979. Latvian graffiti artist KIWIE was hired by DuDug to create these pirates to protest The Council who has made it impossible, with unjust excuses, for the owners to transform the ship into a fun ship. Over time more art has been added to the hull and the once rusted eye sore is becoming more vibrant and beautiful. The latest plan is to transform the ship into the largest open air art gallery in the UK.

Dead Man’s Tales: A New Solo Exhibition by Derek Nobbs

Passion for the old time mysteries of the sea is not a new phenomena, but creating beautiful art that captures these vintage vignettes and nautical themes is quite a feat. Derek Nobbs’ newest solo exhibition, Dead Man’s Tales, is set to open this Friday, May 11th at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington. His watercolor and gauche paintings are interspersed with Civil War uniforms, frontiersman, deep sea divers, and bearded banjo playing skeletons — well, most of his work depicts skeletons — which is more than badass.

Gulp: The Worlds Largest Stop-Motion Set

What do you get with 11,000 square feet of sand and a Nokia N8 smart phone? A world record breaking, largest stop motion set ever! ‘Gulp’ is a nautical tale, created by Sumo Science at Aardman Animation and filmed on Pendine Breach in South Wales, UK. Each frame of the behemoth piece was carefully combed into the wide, smooth beach with a cute little boat and a hardy (and patient) sailor acting out each scene.