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Fly Like an Eagle: Bird Soars in France with a GoPro on its Back

Wednesday 09.18.2013 , Posted by


Yep, just an eagle with a GoPro strapped to its back… now your flying dreams are complete. We couldn’t help sharing this short video clip which took place in a mountain range near Chamonix, France. [Read more…]


Captured in Mid-Air: This is What Small Birds Look Like in Flight

Wednesday 09.11.2013 , Posted by

Wild Birds Flying 6

As I’m writing this I’m sitting on the lawn looking up at all kinds of birds in flight. Most are small song birds having a great time finding nuts, seeds and fruit all over the place. One just flew by carrying a large, shiny piece of aluminum foil in its beak… probably headed to make a cozy nest. Their movements are often so quick it’s hard to get a good look at them, but every once in a while they land long enough to get a good view: it’s never while they’re flying. Paul Nelson is creating a series of photos that helps us see birds better, using a portable high speed camera rig he designed himself to capture small birds in fascinating mid-flight. [Read more…]


Sea Change: High and Low Tide from the Same Location

Thursday 09.05.2013 , Posted by


It’s one of those things that makes Earth special… but if you live at the equator you might not even notice it happening. The daily rise and fall of the tide can be pretty extreme in the far north or south, drawing sea water far up and down, and leaving large areas flooded and dry in the same day. Michael Marten has been studying the tides since 2003, capturing them with his camera in diptychs showing high and low tide from exactly the same location. [Read more…]


Art On The Ground: Postmodern Landscapes By Charles Jencks

Wednesday 08.28.2013 , Posted by


Charles Jencks’ sinuous sculptures are no ordinary walk in the park. A celebrated postmodern architect, designer, and theorist, Jencks tows the line between design, science, and nature to create dramatic forms that swoop across the the British landscape he calls home. [Read more…]


South African Cell Phone Towers Disguised As Trees

Thursday 07.25.2013 , Posted by

1 Cellphone Towers Disguised as Trees

It’s pretty rare in this day and age to find someone without a cell phone. In order to service all of these phones, cell towers are popping up everywhere, but in South Africa you may not be able to spot them. Many of the cell towers there are disguised as trees (although they don’t look all that natural towering over the natural flora in the area). Photographer Dillon Marsh captures some of these costumed towers in a series he calls Invasive Species. [Read more…]


City of Dreams: Gorgeous Steel Cityscape Sculptures

Wednesday 07.03.2013 , Posted by

Hu Shaoming City of Dreams 1

As countries become more urbanized, packing more people into taller buildings, nature often suffers, although having massive homes and multiple gas guzzling vehicles is just as devastating. Each human is like a miniature volcano emitting carbon dioxide through their vehicles and appliances and when that volcano becomes too large, it can cause a mass extinction, like the 5 our Earth has already experienced. As a reminder to think about the consequences of urban development, Chinese sculptor Hu Shaoming created a beautiful sculpture called City of Dreams where a city is emerging from the head of a massive seahorse beneath the water. Using cold steel parts as a symbol of China’s urbanization, Shaoming develops intricate, shining cities that look like the cogs and parts from the industrial era. [Read more…]


Beautiful Plane Wrecks Where Everyone Walked Away

Monday 07.01.2013 , Posted by


Plane wrecks aren’t often the first subject that comes to mind with nature photography, nor the subject of a series titled “Happy Ends,” but that’s what we have here. Dietmar Eckell has travelled the world in search of crash landings where, despite the appearance of the planes and their rugged surroundings, all aboard survived. Each image is a story of beating the odds and getting out alive, set against a backdrop of intimidatingly remote natural beauty. [Read more…]


Surprising Paintings Pop Out of Tree Hollows

Wednesday 06.05.2013 , Posted by

Wang Yu 1

In Shijiazhuang, China passersby have been seeing a new kind of street art. 23 year-old art student Wang Yue has been taking her paint set to the streets, using tree hollows as her canvas to create surprising public art for all to enjoy. In some paintings, happy little critters and birds appear to peek out from inside the tree and smile at the people passing by, while others look like a secret passageway to another world. Shijiazhuang is known for it’s horrible air pollution and Wang Yue seeks to brighten things up through the fog. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #439 > Creating Serenity: Architecture

Wednesday 05.15.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more…]


The Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Dancer Ingrid Endel

Thursday 05.09.2013 , Posted by


Creative people have an innate need for an outlet to express themselves; for Ingrid Endel that channel was found through dance. However after multiple knee injuries, her dance career was brought to a halt after training for twelve years. It is then that she turned to photography to express her emotions and has found a way to utilize her polished dance poses to create stunning, conceptual self-portraits. Though her injuries may prevent her from starring in Swan Lake, she has found a way, just as elegant, to showcase her grace, strength, emotion, and creativity through her pictures. Her struggles to find joy again after her dreams of dancing were shattered are expressed beautifully in this ethereal photo series, which takes place in nature. [Read more…]

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