12 Amazing Treehouses Around the Planet


Did you ever have the childhood fantasy of building a great treehouse towering high above? If you did, and actually brought the fantasy into reality, your building may have been limited to just a few pieces of lumber and the house itself only lasted a few seasons. While it was good fun, it never became anything extremely elaborate. Today, for some creative people, their childhood fantasies never left and they have continued to design and build some very impressive homes in the trees.

Imaginary Illustrations in Natural Inks

The fanciful illustrations of Scott Marr hold such detail in their organic appearance that only on close inspection do we see the hidden treasures in their sticks, leaves and feathers. Applying his colors to both wood and paper, Marr uses an array of natural mediums, from plane tree charcoal, to coriopsis flower wash and liquid chlorophyll. The combination of earthy tones and earthy subjects meet in harmony creating pieces as interesting as the outdoors itself. Make sure to watch the very interesting documentary at the bottom of this post (featuring Marr’s techniques for gathering and making his mediums); then see more of his excellent work at scottmarr.blogspot.com