Artist Seeks to Tell the Untold Stories and Capture Images of Every Native American Tribe in the U.S.

As we see the destruction that Western Civilization is causing to the Earth, the Native American way, that the colonists tried to take away with the forceful acquisition of land, no longer looks so savage. With a deep appreciation for the land and profound spiritual connection to all living things, the Native Americans were “going green” long before it was cool. Imagine how different things would be if settlers worked with the Native Americans and learned from them rather than backing them into reservations and forcing them into a monetary economy. While the N-word and other racial slurs are culturally taboo, we still propagate Native American derogatory stereotypes, even making millions off of them with sports teams like the Washington Redskins. Seattle-based photographer Matika Wilbur has set out to challenge the prejudices about Native Americans by photographing and interviewing members of all 566 federally recognized tribes in the United States.

Tattoos & Illustrations For the Love of Mother Earth

David Hale has a refreshing take on both illustration and tattoo work… many times combining the two into highly original and beautiful body based art. His tattoo work often revolves around something very taboo in the contemporary tattoo world: tribal tattoos. Hale however, isn’t focused on those cringe-worthy black ink swooshes we’re familiar gracing the arms of your local muscle head, but rather he works with the graceful patterns and iconography of the Pacific Northwest: eagles, bears and foxes in patches of warm color.