Mapping the Running Routes of Major Cities… and the Secret One’s You Don’t Know About

If you’re like many of us data hungry people, you don’t just go running anymore. While you’re listening to your tunes pounding down the pavement, you’re also tracking where you are, how far you’ve run, how fast you’re going and even your elevation… all with a smartphone app. While that data on ourselves is highly useful, there’s often a big piece missing – everyone else. Nathan Yau, the statistics obsessed fellow at Flowing Data, recently pulled the pubic user information from the fantastic app Run Keeper, giving us a look at the popular running routes of major world cities… the results are fascinating, informative and reveal juicy runner secrets.

Paying More in 2011: The High Cost of Inflation

If you thought an omelet for breakfast was a good low cost option, you’d be right, but last year you would have saved 7% more. This very readable graphic by Nathan Yau of, lays out the sobering fact that in just one year the people of the U.S. are paying on average 2.7% more for goods and services.