Happy Movember! Celebrate with Mustache Portraits from Ricardo Bessa

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November was just an ordinary month until it became Movember. This new, epic and hairy improvement has seen the face of the population completely change… or at least face of men. Now is the season for sprouting a mustache, and raising funds for prostate & testicular cancer research along the way through the Movember Foundation. Ricardo Bessa is helping out with his exceptional Mo-inspired illustrations.

The Global Impact of Movember in Numbers

Movember Lead

What seemed like a fun excuse to try out growing a mustache is actually a global action plan that raised over $141.5 million and led to more than 2.3 billion conversations about men’s health! In the great month of Movember 2012, 1.1 million participants from 21 countries tried to do their best impression of 70’s Burt Reynolds. The powerful upper lip hair did not go un-noticed as people posted pictures of their staches all over Facebook and Twitter, each one reaching 2,413 people on average. When you multiply this number by the 1,127,152 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas participating, you get a whopping 2.72 billion conversations!

We Love Friday! – Farewell Movember!

I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later! [Insert laughter here!] As the special month of Movember comes to an end, many men will be shaving off their prized glorious upper lip hair. It has been fun seeing the Burt Reynolds look and even more fun seeing the pathetic crustache version as noble men have let it grow to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong. It’s not too late to donate– every little bit helps- and we’re hoping this lovely set of Mo’s will inspire you to open up your wallet for a great cause.

Dead Man’s Tales: A New Solo Exhibition by Derek Nobbs

Passion for the old time mysteries of the sea is not a new phenomena, but creating beautiful art that captures these vintage vignettes and nautical themes is quite a feat. Derek Nobbs’ newest solo exhibition, Dead Man’s Tales, is set to open this Friday, May 11th at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington. His watercolor and gauche paintings are interspersed with Civil War uniforms, frontiersman, deep sea divers, and bearded banjo playing skeletons — well, most of his work depicts skeletons — which is more than badass.

Mustache and Lighting Bolt Wallets

Have you ever wanted to grow that slick mustache but your old lady won’t let you? Do you find you need that Zeus energy for your daily life (and your old lady)? Do you just want to be “cool?” Well friends, Whodini Handmade is here to assist you in these needs and more.

Whodini Handmade makes some of the finest wallets coming from California these days. Full of masculine energy, the mustache and lighting series’ are some of their most popular lines with the men (and some women).

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