Music Video for Hauschka’s ‘Children’

Last week we did a feature titled Re-Imagining the Piano in which we captured many of the unusual ways the instrument can be played. One of the included videos featured the dynamic musical experimentation of the German artist Hauschka playing his pingpong-ball-filled piano. Well, just two days ago, he released a new music video for his song “Children,” off his new album “Foreign Landscapes.”

The new music video, titled “The Key,” was filmed in Luxembourg and features a young dedicated woman steadfastly rolling a piano through a Victorian landscape and includes a cameo by Hauschka himself.

A Rap about WikiLeaks ft. Julian Assange

If you’ve been searching high and low for a news source crossing the rap stylings of Eminem with the news from the Daily Show, look no further. Rap News, the guys responsible for turning “bollocks-news” into something comedic and digestible, recently turned out a video featuring a guest appearance by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Tasty Retro Movies by Mammoth Media

Imagine floating on your back in a warm, sunshine-bathed lake. On the bank, light filters through the trees creating little sparkling reflections like silver coins floating on the surface. Hearing your friends splashing and laughing nearby your eyes relax lazily making everything go a bit out of focus… this is the life.

3 Exceptional Kinetic Typography Videos

Bringing life to common text, Kinetic typography lends captivating emotion to our reading, which when combined with interesting lyrics or monologue, can have a profound effect. The format however, has become quite standerdized and predictable, with each new iteration seeming to copy the last. Here are three examples we feel stand out from the crowd

Trip Out to The Holidays

Mixing an assorted montage of surreal images over an ocean of smooth electronic beats in their latest video, The Holidays create something we don’t often see, a dream world that makes one feel nightmarish, relaxed and attracted.

Australian indie pop band, The Holidays, formed in Sydney in 2006. The band consists of Simon Jones, Will Magnus, Alex Kortt and Andrew Kerridge. During performances, the band often includes additional musicians, including percussionists.

For more on this up and coming band, check out, follow them on twitter @theholidays or on Facebook.

Natural Graffiti Invites Us Indoors

Mixing both the mechanical and natural, mysterious graffiti artist Rapaze (aka 777) transforms and reclaims space with generously flowing paint. His sweeping organic forms can be found enhancing his home town of Niort, France.

In this latest video, Rapaze teams up with his friends Saïr and Spektr using an abandoned room as a 3D canvas. As if channeling the spirit of German designer Hundertwasser, the trio brings the outdoors inside, transforming the bleak space by surrounding themselves in an inviting floral canapy. For more on Rapaze check out his flickr photos or see

Beautiful Floating Lanterns in Thailand

This weekend was the Yee Peng Floating Lantern Ceremony in northern Thailand, an event celebrating the Buddha. During the festivities, chanting monks and devotees release hundreds of white paper lanterns into the air, creating a magical, reverent atmosphere looking like a starry, jellyfish-filled sea.

Crafty Stop Motion Music Videos

Combine one part pop music, with one part paper arts and crafts, mix with extremely good editing and you have the work of SoLab. A French production company who has worked with the likes of Pony Pony Run Run and Wax Tailor, SoLab writes, shoots and produces short films and music videos.

For more on what they’re up to, check out, and to see the beautiful Paris city guide made for Louis Vuitton, stop by Vimeo.

Counterstrike’s Explosive Drum & Bass Videos

Counterstrike is a drum ‘n bass DJ duo that happens to have smashingly epic music videos. Collectively producing since 1998, they have drawn attention for their releases on various high profile labels such as Rob Playford’s Moving Shadow and Dieselboy’s Human Imprint.

Check out more on their own label at Algorythm Recordings or follow them on twitter.

Help Make: User Created Johnny Cash Music Video

The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art collaboration that invites artists to share their vision of the legendary Man in Black. Working with a single image as a template, and using an online image editor, contributors create their own unique portraits of Johnny. The image, added to a collection of artists’ works from around the globe, will be integrated into a music video for Cash’s last recorded song “Ain’t No Grave.” It’s a beautiful and touching tribute to an artist who influenced and moved so many.