Visual Bits #23 > Radio. Head.

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Visual Bits #20 > Open Wide!

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Radiohead’s Twitchy New Video & Remixes

The much anticipated new album by Radiohead, “The King of Limbs” is out: their first since 2007’s “In Rainbows.” In their own unique and surprising fashion, they released it on the internet a day early and without warning. Considering that the mass of Radiohead fans are probably online, the internet is awash with talk about the new album and its accompanying video. The clip, featuring Thom Yorke getting down to the song “Lotus Flower” has him spasmatically dancing, lip syncing and generally twitching in front of a warehouse wall. What could be more Radiohead?

Visual Bits #1 > First of a Sparkling Daily Series

Here at Visual News we dig up tasty internet gems on a daily basis and because we can’t keep a good thing secret we’re starting a daily series where we send a few tasty links your way. Some gems will be giant illustration ruby’s, some video diamond dust and others just shiny bits to entertain. Enjoy!

When Reddit and NASA Footage Collide

NASA fan and Redditor, Reid Gower got frustrated recently with how the hugely inspirational organization has such poor public relations and media. His respose? To make an all out, goose bumps all over your body, video promoting the work of NASA and featuring the much missed voice of Carl Sagan. No, this isn’t an official NASA video… this is pure NASA love.

Quite a story has developed around this video too, spawning other remixes of NASA footage as space exploration fans attempt to create the media they want to see. We share some of those videos here.

Electronic Beats Bring Geometric Shapes to Life

Using the motion graphical madness of Cinema 4D, this music video inspired by the English electronic music duo Autechre, brings energy and life to simple geometric shapes.

Autechre uses many different digital synths and a few analog synths in their production, as well as analog and digital drum machines, mixers, effects units and samplers.

Hip-Hop Mayhem with Cops On Fire

You know those shots from That 70’s Show where the kids are all sitting around the table in the basement philosophizing about life? This music video starts out like that, with a camera circling on a table… then explodes into dizzy arts and crafts mayhem! A cardboard world appears, buildings burn down, water-skiers do jumps… and all in a tiny cafe.

Featuring Moscow-based hip-hop and rap group Cops on Fire. For more of their catchy beats check out their official website or myspace page.

Disney in Space: Vintage Films Remixed

Six years before the world’s first manned space flight, Walt Disney released a television series that predicted their vision for the future. The 1955 program, “Man and the Moon,” stunned viewers with it’s innovative and beautiful vision of lunar space flight; even today, the rich graphical work of this series is absolutely astounding. We are pleased to bring you a remixed, modern-day version of this film, as well as two others from the same series, set to electronic beats.

Recently Disney has increased their online presence with an exclusive YouTube channel and Twitter account. Through these forms of media, Disney is reaching out to fans in a way that even the creators of  “Man on the Moon” would have never thought possible.

For more on current space exploration check out our post about the Google Lunar X Prize.

A Room Made of Flesh

After a short one-night encounter, a woman wakes up to a room made of grotesque undulating flesh. The bed made of fingers moves, the walls of muscles ripple, and her eyes get wide. Her lover is tender but makes us wonder: what has she gotten herself into?

The Carol of the Bells Played on iPads

For Christmas this year the folks at North Point Community Church in Georgia wanted to mix things up a bit. Using borrowed iPhones and iPads, they formed an “iBand” and performed the traditional bell choir song “The Carol of the Bells” using only the Apple devices. Merry iChristmas!