Google Makes Interactive Music Video for the Web

Chris Milk’s new music video for the song 3 Dreams of Black is a unique and immersive new way to experience our music. Made in collaboration with some folks from Google (its a Chrome Experiments project), the video uses WebGL to render 2D and 3D imagery in your WebGL capable browser… and it even allows you to control elements of the vibrant action.

Opera On The Water

Bregenz, Austria holds a performing arts festival every year in July and August. They call it the “Bregenz Festival”. The performances on this unique floating stage are done over the waters of Lake Constance. Last year alone there was an estimated audience of 200,000. Images are from eight of the previous festivals. There is also one image of the current stage under construction.

Infographics In Music Videos

Music videos have been an integral part of the music industry since they rose to prominence in the 80s, and the popularity of music videos on the internet continues to make them fashionable today. Some of the techniques filmmakers use include: live action, animation, documentary, and abstract film. The blending of these various styles have turned the music video into an art form — with infographics becoming another popular tool filmmakers can use to achieve their desired results.

Water Changes Everything

Charity Water reminds us in this motion graphic that a billion people live without clean drinking water. For most of us it takes only a few seconds to get water, but for some it takes a 3 hour walk in harsh conditions to get even marginally potable water. The daily struggle to obtain water keeps many people occupied during time that could be spent working, learning or interacting with family.