Genki Sudo Attempts to Unite Asia With Song & Dance

In the face of growing tensions between Japan and China/South Korea one man attempts to surmount the strained relations through song. Genki Sudo a MMA UFC fighter/ Buddhist/ Writer/ Actor/ Dancer/ Musician has utilized all of his talents to create a music video for the conflicting countries. “Permanent Revolution” features Sudo and his group World Order traveling to Asia to bring the message that “We are all one.” They travel in style with matching suits and choreographed dance moves perfectly synced with the catchy tune. Although most of the song is in Japanese, the message is pretty clear, with an ending that is up for interpretation.

Visual Bits #271> Music For Your Eyes

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A Music Video Drawn by 100 High School Students

What happens when you get 100 young artists together to create a music video? In the case of this new video for Michael Andrews’ new single “Bubbles in Space, something sublimely nostalgic and incredibly fun. The snappy animated video was drawn by a selection of art students from San Diego’s High Tech High International’s class of 2013. Together they drew 3000+ individual frames, each in their own style while following a pre-planned form.

Visual Bits #233> International Day Of Rock

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Music Video: Planet Earth in Paper, Felt and Yarn

For fans of wildly evocative music, it doesn’t get much better than the combined talents of Hillary Hahn and Hauschka. The duo, a beautifully skillful American violinist and German master of the prepared piano respectively, have teamed up on their latest album Silfra to produce some highly moving and experimental pieces. The music video to their latest song Bounce Bounce, is just as beautiful as the music.

Mesmerizing Ferrofluid Dances to Music

Like a music video for the scientifically minded, the short film below explores the unusual world of ferrofluid, a liquid which acts a lot like a gelatinous magnet. The second installment in an ongoing series of experiments, the film was made by Singapore based photographer/videographer Afiq Omar, who edited it with a distinctly dark and rhythmic style that’s as intriguing as it is creepy. Omar’s goal was to create something using ‘analog’ effects, so what you see here uses few modifications after shooting, showing the utter weirdness of his subject material and his talent as a videographer.

Partying in Rio: A Tilt-Shift Carnival Film

Music, costumes, masquerades, dancing, food and five days of all night partying describes Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Film director and musician Jarbas Agnelli, in partnership with photographer and filmmaker, Keith Loutit, set out to capture this amazing event on camera in a way it has never been seen before. In the five days of carnival, the pair shot 167,978 photos, then with masterful editing and a soundtrack composed by Agnelli himself, they composed a tilt-shift style video from their stills titled The City of Samba. The final product is nothing less than amazing. The original score fits perfectly with what is being seen and conveys all of the right emotions. Watching the video, you forget that they are still shots and the effect of the tilt-shift makes everything look like claymation. A genius way to change the regular perspective of a larger than life festival.

A Fanciful Frolic at The Secret Garden Party

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Fellowes at Burning Man. He is part of the London crew at one of my very favorite camps during the Black Rock desert based event (they’re located in the 3:00 plaza). So, knowing what a seriously great time we’ve had on the playa, when I found out that he started the incredible Secret Garden party in the UK I was pumped

The Universe Cubed

This mesmerizing music video may bring back fond memories of the classic Eames directed Powers of Ten, only this time in a universe of cubes and a lot more edgy. A Cereal Spiller remix of Hooray for Earth’s ‘True Loves,’ this impressive piece of motion graphics was directed by Cyriak Harris. We highly recommend you check out Harris’ extensive portfolio and his blog.