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Impossible Yet Awesome Architecture by Victor Enrich

Wednesday 12.11.2013 , Posted by
8 Victor Enrich

Sometimes the most amazing things to see are the ones that don’t exist in “real life.” Photoshop, in the hands of a gifted digital artist, has brought us some of the most magnificent things like a baby fruit ninja and of course, dogbirds AKA dirds, and now Barcelona-based artist and photographer Victor Enrich brings us buildings that could never be- at least not on Earth. Since just about everything imaginable is likely to exist somewhere in this vast universe, perhaps there is a planet where sideways, or spiral, floating buildings could be the norm and it appears Enrich is tapping into that planet in this surreal series. [Read more…]


Hey Robot, Make Me A Sandwich!

Wednesday 12.14.2011 , Posted by

Robots have come such a long way in recent years, it seems like it won’t be long before they’re helping out in every household. The idea of having a helper around is pretty intriguing, but we don’t want then to always do the same thing, like a dishwasher or a toaster; we want something smarter, far more helpful and talented. While robots have long been doing things that humans can do by following a set of strictly defined programs, it hasn’t been until recently that they began doing tasks using their own senses and choices. [Read more…]


The 1972 Olympics Posters: Bold Minimalism

Thursday 12.02.2010 , Posted by

Seen in many recreations today, German designer Otl Aicher was the man who started the minimal, bold-colored styles we see in retro designs of today. This style is especially apperent in his 1972 posters for the infamous Munich Olympics. Here is a sampling:

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