Outlandish Claims through History

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers,” Arthur Watson, Head of IBM, 1943. We think this inspiring advertisment from Mercedes hits all the right points. The clip, set to moving music and featuring great vintage film ...

Iconic Films Caught in the Moment

“What do you do for recreation? … Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.” The Big Lebowski (1998) If you could take one moment from a favorite film and watch it forever, what would it be? ...

Documenting the San Francisco Rave Scene

If you were around San Francisco in the 90’s, it was impossible to escape the colorful, joyous parties of the exploding rave scene. The influence these massive parties had was world wide, still reverberates today and for many was a ...

Our Mr. Sun: Vintage Science Film Infographics

Our Mr. Sun is a campy scientific video from 1956 expounding on the many wonders of our galaxy’s very own star. Combining live action with animation, it features creative infographics describing the influence of the sun on humankind. Check out ...

The 4 Icon Challenge: Movie Posters

Kyle Tezak really enjoys the art of creating icons. Intriqued by the challenge of distilling information down to a small image, composed of a few simple lines. “That is what’s so great about icons, they’re tiny poems,” he says. Recently ...

Ghostbusters Trailer Mixed with the Inception Score

What do you get when you combine the tension-filled score of the movie Inception with the visuals from the classic comedy Ghostbusters? It seems something far more serious and scary. This video demonstrates just how influential a soundtrack is in ...

Christopher Nolan’s Flowchart for Inception

With the amazing movie Inception recently out on DVD and Blu-ray, we here at VisualNews have had those wild plot twists and turns flashing through our heads all over again. To satisfy our daydreams, we turned to a book about ...

Cloudscapes: A Walk Into the Clouds

As children, we often dream of flying up and touching the clouds; looking skyward, they seem almost within reach. Now, through a collaboration between Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo and German climate engineering firm Transsolar, that dream has become reality. By ...

Movie Watching in Modern Times

In a space station that orbits the moon, a humble projectionist walks through futuristic hallways to his control booth that magically materializes out of the floor — and so starts the computer graphics-rich sci-fi short, ‘Modern Times.’