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Christopher Nolan’s Flowchart for Inception

Friday 12.31.2010 , Posted by

With the amazing movie Inception recently out on DVD and Blu-ray, we here at VisualNews have had those wild plot twists and turns flashing through our heads all over again. To satisfy our daydreams, we turned to a book about the movie that’s been out for a few months now: Inception, The Shooting Script. Choice bits inside are a 10 page interview with director Christopher Nolan and most satisfying of all, a hand drawn flowchart depicting the entire concept of the film.

To see a larger version of Nolan’s drawing, click the image below.

Source: via Flowing Data


Cloudscapes: A Walk Into the Clouds

Wednesday 12.29.2010 , Posted by

As children, we often dream of flying up and touching the clouds; looking skyward, they seem almost within reach. Now, through a collaboration between Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo and German climate engineering firm Transsolar, that dream has become reality. By using three different levels of air with different temperatures and humidities the team has successfully created a cloud that hangs like magic on the roof of the space. Visitors to the 800 square meter room at the Architecture Biennale Arsenale exhibition travel up, through and above the clouds on spiraling ramps. It’s as if they’ve been given wings.
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Movie Watching in Modern Times

Tuesday 12.28.2010 , Posted by

In a space station that orbits the moon, a humble projectionist walks through futuristic hallways to his control booth that magically materializes out of the floor — and so starts the computer graphics-rich sci-fi short, ‘Modern Times.’
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Film Keeps Nature from Going Downhill

Friday 11.19.2010 , Posted by

Merging a love of the environment with one for intense downhill skiing, The Sherpas recently released their beautiful and inspiring All.I.Can Teaser: a two-year feature film project. The film aims to unite people from the global mountain culture and bring them together as the leaders of a revolution that will encourage others to take steps towards doing all they can for the environment.

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