TRON: Japanese Style!

Tron is back… in Japan! This beautifully choreographed 5 minute clip of Tron inspired goodness shows 8 dancers in full Tron-like suits that turn on and off. As they move, they come together, disappear, only to reappear somewhere else. It is an exceptionally well done dance piece and inspires new ideas for dances whether at a school play, a theater or a communal gathering such as Burning Man. Enjoy the show!

Where Are the Movie Hits of 2011 Streaming?

If you’re looking to stream the latest Harry Potter or Transformers movie tonight, Netflix is not the way to go. Tristan Louis was recently wondering where the latest hit movies where available to watch instantly… and his resulting research shows that Netflix is seriously lagging behind it’s competition – Amazon, iTunes and Vudu. In fact, as you can tell in the chart below by Flowing Data, Netflix only offers a sad 5 hit titles from 2011 out of the top 100… compare that to Amazon’s 45 titles, and the others just behind at 44.

Silver Screen Society: Artist Tributes to Famous Films

When thinking back to some favorite films, everyone has their own interpretations or experiences that are associated with those films. The Silver Screen Society is a website dedicated to curating those interpretations in the form of art. Each month, the founders, Trevor Basset, Brandon Schaefer and Adam Hanson, feature a new film and invite artists to create art based on the chosen film.

The New America: A Wooden, Laser Engraved Film

Nando Costa is burning his way toward the perfect Kickstarter. He’s making a unique animation using a laser engraver to precisely cut each frame of a film on a piece of wood. Temptingly, people that give to his project will get a unique piece of art from him and if you give $70 you will receive a one of kind engraved wood frame from the film. Costa has been directing animation for over 10 years and we enjoy his clean style, so we are looking forward to seeing the movie. You can see examples of his work at, then head to his Kickstarter project where the more is donated the longer he can make the film

The Recurring Themes of Hollywood Blockbusters

Didn’t I see this movie before?? The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) has put together 9 great movie posters that poke fun at the stereotypical scenarios which always seem to crop up in Hollywood blockbusters. NYILFF is the premier Latino film event in the country, with a mission to showcase the works of the most talented film-making Latin artists in the U.S. and Latin America. You can follow them on, and

Snatch: The Movie Deconstructed

Have you ever watched a film so complex that even if it was super cool you couldn’t figure it out at the end? Well for those familiar with the movie Snatch, graphic artist David Andersson has done you a great favor by untangling this web of a movie.

Tintin The Movie! Trailer Released by Spielberg

With the combined creative geniuses of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, the world famous and universally loved comic, The Adventures of Tintin is coming to the big screen this December in 3D. Get ready for one visually innovative film!

Memorable Movies: Piece by Piece

These five posters buck the minimalist poster trend that has been all around the net lately. Rather than simplify all the details, Emma Butler takes the plot and puts in all the important pieces:

The Expressionist: A Philosophy of Design

Renowned designer Michael Wolff shares his wisdom of how he sees the world. One good reason to take note of this video: Wolff has over 50 years experience in his field, not a number to knock by any standard. He explains his design philosophy and how his obsession with curiosity, appreciation, and imagination have lead to his success.

A Street Art Marriage Proposal

Ok artists, here’s a clever idea if we’ve ever seen one. A cute couple go out on a snowy winter art walk, observing randomly placed street art around the city. But this is a secret art walk with each piece symbolizing a season of the couples relationship and lovingly created by local artists for the sole purpose of popping the question. It’s heart warming, artistic and clever. See more pictures of the works at