Art with Rings, Dots, and Circles

Brewed in Percolator

What are your favorite music albums of all time? Do you remember getting that album and enjoying the artwork of the cover? Eric Bellefeuille, a user interface designer from Quebec, remembered his favorite albums and decided to honor them by re-illustrating their covers. Rather than just painting or drawing them, he choose to recreate them by only using dots, rings and circles. The final product is a captivating alternative. He also took his favorite movies and created dot illustrations for them as well.

Visual Bits #273 > Movies That Stay Classy

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Clever and Intriguing Movie Poster Remixes

Have movie posters really gone downhill? Compared to the graphic masterpieces of the past – from the poster for Breakfast at Tiffanies to Apocalypse Now – classic movie posters exuded a style the modern orange/blue examples mostly fail to reach with their cheap explosions and format following designs. What if they could look a lot more like these examples from Berlin based Graphic Designer Rocco Malatesta? The design genre would certainly be more intriguing… and mind tickling.

The Many Faces of Woody Allen

Woody Allen has had a long and illustrious career filled with many roles and not so many pairs of eyeglasses. To pay tribute to this rather typecast actor/director, illustrator Brandon Schaefer created this poster documenting the ocular history of the star.

Mixed Reviews: 20 Famous Drinks from the Movies

Whether it be the White Russian of The Big Lebowski, the Milk Plus of A Clockwork Orange or the rufilin laced drink of the Hangover, like no other prop these libations made their respective films unforgettable. Using movie beverages as their muse, the team over at Moxy Creative House have designed 21 posters featuring these iconic drinks. They are simple, bold and tasty. Bottoms up!