5 Minimalist Animations that Convey Big Ideas

When we peel away the layers of complexity in a project, we are left with only with the message at its core. That’s one of the BIG reasons why minimalist projects can have a huge impact. Do them right, and they’re brilliant, but do them wrong, and they’re just boring. Here we highlight 5 animation projects that nailed the delicate balancing act of detail vs. simplicity and convey so very much with very little.

How Sugar Affects the Brain: A TED-Ed Motion Graphic

This will come as no surprise to your average chocoholic, but eating sugar is just about a full body experience. It affects your tongue, your gut and your brain in powerful ways. In this new addition to the TED-Ed series, Dr. Nicole Avena explores the many ways sugar acts on the body and why sugar in moderation isn’t bad, but a lot is a very slippery, if not addictive, slope.

A Smart Animation Explores the Magnitude of our Solar System [Infographic]


The last time I went to the planetarium it was in Delhi, India. I didn’t expect much from the domed structure with swarms of kids inside, but in fact I was blown away. It’s a hard thing to show the magnitude of the universe and impress people with its true scale – but even the rough idea I saw that day was mind blowing. This video from German design trio Kurzgesagt takes a whole different angle, impressing us with facts about the form of our solar system in flat infographic form. The result is informative and even jaw dropping when you consider the facts.

Risehigh: Adam Wells Takes Us On An Epic Elevator Ride Through The Life of a Successful Man

Rise High 1

Our culture is permeated with the myth of success. Everywhere you look or listen there are stories about how you need to be skinnier, smarter, wealthier… but what is it all for? Londoner Adam Wells is exploring these themes, and the disillusionment often encountered in their pursuit, through his impressive new animation Rise High. The story follows his protagonist as he takes an elevator ascent to the top floor of a massive concrete high-rise. Each floor of this massively complex animated universe reveals more levels to this cleverly told tale.

LSD ABC: Animations That Will Blow Your Mind


Your world might never be the same after taking a dose of LSD ABC. This fantastically mind bending animation comes to us, released a lot like a self-titled album, from the talents of LSD ABC (a collaboration between French designer/animators Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis). The Vimeo Staff Picked short takes the form of an alphabetic journey, walking us through each letter one by one. Unlike the childhood versions we’re accustomed too, however, this takes on new and strange subject matter fitting only for those who’ve looked outside the boundaries of normal experience.

Delicious, Retro Animations from Colin Hesterly

Hammer and Hand Colin Hesterly

I’ll admit it: I’m a complete fiend for mid-century media. When it comes to, say, cartoons from that era, it’s hard to beat the warm nostalgic feeling you get from their positive, often childlike vibe, and optimistic outlook towards the possibilities of the future. So when I ran across these classy retro animations from Colin Hesterly, I couldn’t help but love each short tasty nugget of nostalgia.

The Colorfully Diverse Design of Hvass & Hannibal

Hvass and Hannibal 6

If there’s one thing you can say about the duo behind design studio Hvass & Hannibal it would be this: they sure aren’t afraid of color. The studio, which takes its excellent name from the two founders, has been creating imaginative and bold work since its inception in 2006. Since then they have done multi-disciplinary work in fields as varied as interior and set design, to motion graphics and illustration, all in their fun yet mature signature style.

Visualizing The Chemistry of Snowflakes

The Chemisrry of Snowflakes

It’s the end of a natural process that many of us see millions of times every year – the creation of tiny snowflakes which together build the white wonderland of winter snow. But, just how many of us have really looked into what happens behind that process? How exactly does a snowflake form?

Atom Boy: An Artful Animation of the Molecular World

Isn’t it great when inspiration strikes out of nowhere? Having no other plan than to do some “fun things” in Cinema 4D, graphic designer and producer Joachim Ljunggren found his simple experiments expanding into something much bigger. His artful piece Atom Boy takes us into a shiny world of molecular structures, bouncing around and bonding with each other in a stark white world. The resulting motion graphic short is intriguing in its clever transitions and physics along with its gorgeous lighting and squeaky clean reflections.

The Beauty of Craftsmanship

Did you ever wonder how a good guitar is made? This amazing film brings “how it’s made” to a whole new level of beauty and art. In just 3 minutes the film covers a process that takes 299 hours by master guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides, who claims that “the act of instrument crafting is a great way to deal with the reality.” Motion graphics show the process, the measurements, the thought process and the sheer dedication to detail needed to complete the construction of a hand made Flamenco. Accompanied by the fantastic flamenco music of Dutch guitar virtuoso and composer Edsart udo De Haes, this film keeps the spirit of process alive with an excellent sound track.