Don’t Worry, Drive On: Fossil Fools & Fracking Lies

Two things never seem to change about crude oil: the constant warnings that our thirst for it is unsustainable, and the fact that we continue to use it like it will last forever. These two troubling trends are issues which should be dealt with, and quickly, as this intriguing motion graphic from The Post Carbon Institute points out.

How to Generate Good Ideas

Good ideas aren’t the easiest thing to come by, and many times they seem to hit right out of the blue. While some may have a “Eureka!” moment while in the shower, an “ah ha” moment on the drive into work, or a “that’s funny…” moment (if you’re a scientist in the laboratory); they didn’t just come from nowhere. While these may be some of best places ideas hit us, there is still a looming question that needs to be answered: how are good ideas generated? We all know they simply aren’t lying around like seashells on a beach waiting for us to pick them up, nor are they so random.