Painting/Photo Mashups Bring Out the Inner Animal

Charlotte Caron animal portraits 3

Existing somewhere between human and animal, these exotic portraits from French artist Charlotte Caron give her subjects a real wild side. To create the images, Caron paints over large scale photographs of real-life people using acrylic paints to realize the animals she envisions. The contrast between reality and fiction is blurred by both her dissimilar mediums and by the brushstrokes themselves. She creates, as she puts it, “an osmosis between the two mediums.” We think it’s almost as if her subjects are in the midst of a cross species transformation and we’ve caught the show just in time (anybody remember Animorphes?).

A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money

Every 4 years, as Americans rush to the polls and cast their vote for a new president, we’re familiar with seeing the typical U.S. maps of red and blue denoting how states are favoring each candidate. But what information does this really give us? With the electoral college having only a portion of electors allotted to each state (based on that states population) the actual voting power of a state has little to do with its geographical size. How can we look at this differently and get a more informed look at what’s going on?

Photo Splicing The Family Genetics


Have you ever wondered what parent you look more like? Whose eyes do you have, what about your nose, or your chin? Maybe you think you and your siblings look nothing alike. What better way to see your comparisons than a spliced photo of the two of you. Someone in your distant family that you’ve never met could share your same features. You and a friend or a neighbor can appear to look so similar that some say, “you must’ve been separated at birth” after viewing a spliced photograph.