Watch Out Monsters… These Kids Fight Back

So there’s a monster in the closet? Under the bed? No big deal… at least for the kids in French photographer/digital retoucher Laure Fauvel’s series ‘Terreurs.’ The children in her images are fighting back, and they’re armed.

We Fell In Friend-Love With Yumi Sakugawa [Interview]

Friend Love Header

Southern California-based illustrator Yumi Sakugawa explores the pangs, passions, and perils of platonic love in her charming comic I Think I’m in Friend-Love With You.  A story of an awkwardly-adorable monster yearning for non-romantic affection – in the form of inside jokes, special hang-out sessions, and late-night Facebook chats – Sakugawa’s comic captures a relational territory often considered ambiguous: the connection with and longing for platonic pals.

The Monster of Mental Illness Illustrated as… Monsters!

The Real Monsters 4

What if mental illness was caused by supernatural creatures that roam the world taunting their victims? Illustrator Toby Allen’s new series of drawings, called The Real Monsters, imagines such a place and puts a friendly face on what are often serious and debilitating conditions. Why create such a different series?

Unnerving and Beautiful Illustrations by Eunjung Shin


Stand back and they look like absolutely beautiful scenes, but move closer and the bizarre subject matter takes hold. A gigantic octopus grabs one student from a class full of automaton-like school girls; a forest full of “playing” children are really beating each other to bits; and a girl peers into an unnervingly endless mirror. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, but far more memorable.

Monster Makeovers On Vintage Paintings

Serene Bacigalupi 1

Seeing our post on McMahon’s monster re-mixes on discarded paintings last week, a reader H_Lenn left a comment that her friend has also been doing this same thing for years. We headed over to her site and laughed hysterically at the imaginative unicorns, monsters, and tigercorns taking over vintage paintings that no longer had homes. From penguins with ray guns shooting a sharktopus, a monster grimacing at the bubbles of his flatulence as he bathes in a pond, to Jesus with his flock of bulging eyed unicorns, you’re bound to find something that belongs on your wall. Leroy’s Place is the art business of Oklahoma-native Serene Bacigalupi who now lives and works in NYC.

Victorian Era Freaks Take Formal Photos

Travis Louie Paintings 6

Perhaps we shouldn’t call them freaks… these are just normal citizens trying to fit into everyday society. Or are they? From the Edwardian era to the Victorian, these characters are all a bit odd, but they’ve shown up to have their formal portrait taken in their finest clothing; with their hair and beards neatly combed and their individual characters written all over their face (even if that face has only one eyeball). Where did these creatures come from?

Cosmic Creatures Formed From NASA’s Space Images

1 Chris Keegan

Looking up at the sky and forming images from the stars has been going on for just about as long as human life has existed, but that was only what could be seen from the Earth. Digital illustrator Chris Keegan has taken constellations to a whole new level with the use of images from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. He steps back from the images and tries to see what kind of creatures he can find, then digitally emphasizes those figures so that everyone can see them. The result is some highly unique creatures made up of celestial elements. In an interview with WIRED Keegan explained, “In one picture you can see thousands of stars and the idea of having a person or a bird taking up that sort of size was quite unusual.”

Monsters from the Land of Kaiju


Trading cards always take me straight back to my childhood; I was a huge fan of Garbage Pail Kids and Baseball. But with the juiced up athletes of today’s world, kids are better off admiring these monster creatures from the Land of Kaiju. Created by illustrator Chet Phillips “explores the world of humongous mutants and irradiated creatures with his own collection of Japanese-styled monsters on trading cards, prints and a limited edition book.” Each card features a picture of the monster on the front and important information, such as place of origin, physical traits, and history on the back.

Icons Re-mixed in Ghoulish Watercolor Paintings

1 chewie

Influenced by Stephen Gammell’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a Seattle based artist who goes by the name of Wednesday Wolf has put a ghoulish twist on some of Pop Culture’s most iconic characters. Cartoons, video game characters, and superheroes are weakened as WW re-mixes them with stringy limbs and morose faces. The macabre, drooping figures are done with watercolors and the collection is extensive, with many of his own character creations. WW draws on the skills taught to him by his father who is a computer programmer, to market himself online, allowing him to be a full time artist. He is also arranging a musical accompaniment to his art exhibits by putting a punk band together.

Cute And Cuddly Little Monster Creatures

Creature Industry 1

While most monsters make you want to run away screaming, these little creatures make you want to tilt your head and say “Aw!” Luisa Kwiatkowska has designed a line of unique, cuddly plush toys called Creature Industry that are so ugly that they are as cute as can be. The Polish artist based in Warsaw has been illustrating the endearing monsters for quite some time, claiming, “My head is full of creatures so I have to make them a life if I don’t want to go crazy.”