Vibrant, Fractal Floor Installations at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands

1 suzan drummen

Like peering into a 3 dimensional kaleidoscope, Dutch artist Suzan Drummen has created gigantic, colorful floor decor. Using chromed metal, mirrors, crystals, and stones she cleverly arranged the shiny bits into stunning geometric arrangements. Like fractals, from afar the shapes look bold and beautiful, but upon looking more closely the intricate details can be seen. The installation is on display at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands. Lustrous circles and spirals extend from the floor to the walls, creating a gorgeous rainbow of colors for visitors to interact with.

Imaginative Silhouettes In a Little Leaf World

1 Leaves by Tang Chiew Ling

Inspired by artists like Banksy, Malaysian artist Tang Chiew Ling creates minimalist stencil-like silhouettes, but then she adds a fanciful twist. For this series called Object Art: 1, Ling adds leaves to each of her illustrations to tell a playful story. A couple holding hands beneath a rain cloud of leaf matter, a bundle of leaf balloons, and a little girl blowing bubbles of leaves are some of the whimsical images she has created. Ling is a freelance graphic designer who loves to illustrate on the side. She has another Object Art project that uses cotton balls in a similar narrative way.

Diamond or Plastic? Credit Card Jewelry

Kristal Romano 1

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before credit cards, when people actually had to have the cash to make purchases. Now with so many people trying to keep up with the Kardashians, credit card debt is as common as obesity. Artist/ Metalsmith Kristal Romano is fascinated with cultural beliefs about value and materials, so she has re-purposed credit cards into jewelry in a series she calls Commodities.

Bizarre Animal Sculptures Blend Fantasy with Reality


If you love animals and fantasy then you must see these surreal mixed media sculptures by Ellen Jewett. The Ontario-based artist became obsessed with sculpting three dimensional forms at a young age. “To Ellen, sculpting has always been about life; biological narratives, emotions, movement, balance and observations about life’s subtleties and overtures” (About). With each sculpture she achieves an exorbitant level of reality depicting each animal, then brings it into the surreal world with unique mixed media accents. Each creature seems like it was pulled out of a dream.

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Flamboyant Mixed Media Paintings by Archan Nair

Archan nair art 1

Archan Nair is a New Delhi based visual artist, illustrator and Art Director who specializes in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. Before becoming a full time artist, he was involved with fashion and various entrepreneurial ventures, themes which find themselves woven through his dynamic pieces. He began painting in 2006 as a 24 year old and today mixes both digital media and physical paint into his work.

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