Be Emperor of the Penguins with Daniel Rozin’s Bizarre New ‘Mirror’

We just covered Daniel Rozin and his collection of bizarre interactive ‘mirrors’ a few weeks ago, but this new creation can’t be missed. His ‘Penguins Mirror’ let’s you be emperor of the penguins – just stand in front of all 450 motorized stuffed animals and they turn their white bellies towards you reflecting your silhouette. Is it brilliant or just absurd? Probably the best of both, and a really good laugh too.

Daniel Rozin’s ‘PomPom Mirror’ Reflects Your Body In Pixelated Fur

You don’t need glass to make a mirror. Artist Daniel Rozin has created one that reflects objects in faux fur. It’s entirely bizarre and almost magical.

Large Origami Mirror Box Creates A Kaleidoscopic Experience

The best part of a fun house is always the funny mirrors. Seeing yourself stretched out or fattened up by the bend of a mirror is quite entertaining. Parisian artist Mattia Paco Rizzi has created an installation piece that rivals these fun mirrors, multiplying your image in a kaleidoscopic fashion. His interactive origami mirror piece, which he calls “Taumascopio” made an appearance at the 2014 Kanal Playground Festival in Brussels, Belgium. Aside from the view point at which you look at the piece, the temperature also changes the reflective effect, creating unique images throughout the day.

Mirror Selfies You Will Actually Enjoy Looking At

There are times when procrastination can be a good thing. To avoid writing her bachelor’s thesis, Norwegian born, Washington D.C.-based Helene Meldahl began doodling, but not on paper like most people. She put her doodles on mirrors and inserted herself into them via selfies to make her world more fun. Meldahl used chalk, posca, and acrylic and began doing a selfie artwork every day. The 26 year old goes by the name @mirrorsme on Instagram and has garnered quite a following this week after self-posting her work to BoredPanda.

It’s Not Stained Glass: Sunsets Reflected in Broken Mirror

The world is filled with sunset pictures – it’s one of those nature created artworks we can’t help but observe and capture with wonder. New York photographer Bing Wright has discovered a new and novel way of photographing these vibrant scenes – reflected in the broken pieces of shattered mirror. The images from his series Broken Mirror/Evening Sky look like incredible pieces of stained glass windows.

A Real-Life Illusion: This Mirrored Fence Blends with the Seasons

The stereotypical American dream is to own a classic house surrounded by a white picket fence. Well, instead of the wooden fence, how about a mirrored version that blends with the area? This was the alternative vision dreamed up by artist Alyson Sholsz. Commissioned for the Socrates Sculpture Park, it was recently displayed at the Storm King Arts Center in New York.

Hyper-Realistic Reflections: Paintings from Jason de Graaf

To see one of Jason de Graaf’s paintings is to be tricked into believing they are real. His hyper-realistic worlds are painstaking illusions, created with his delicate brush strokes and resulting in the appearance of a high definition photograph. Much of his work revolves around reflection: from shiny metal orbs, to polished crystal skulls; each of his images is unbelievably real.

Hyper-Realistic Pencil Portraits of People Looking At Themselves in the Mirror

Heikki Leis- 1

We all have a special “mirror face”- the way we look at ourselves when we’re staring back at our reflection. For some it’s a critical eye scanning for every flaw, for others it’s a satisified “looking good!” but while we’re doing something in the mirror, it seems many of us make the same faces. Estonian artist Heikki Leis has captured these mirror moments perfectly with his pencil drawings called Everyday Reflections. He includes the relaxed, pouty ‘putting on make-up face,’ the squinched ‘popping a chin pimple face,’ the brace for pain ‘plucking eyebrows face,’ and of course the side-smooched, ‘tighten the cheek for shaving face.’ The graphite drawings feature everyday Estonians, but the faces for each mirror activity are universally human.

Kaleidoscopic Photography Inside of a Mirror Box

1 Mirror Box

Mirrors are pretty awesome- the slightest concave or convex bend can stretch our image out like a super model or shorten and widen us like munchkins from Oz, but photographer Ron Brinkmann shows they can be used for more than narcissism in this incredible photo series. Using 6 square mirror tiles and some tape, he created a cube that is reflective on all 6 interior sides. Then he arranged candles and objects inside to create trippy, psychedelic scenes. He set the timer on the camera and with no digital rendering, just altering object and camera placement, he created these awesome kaleidoscopic images.

Mirror, Mirror- Selfies Painted on Wood

1 César Moreno

Ah, the bathroom mirror selfie: the most narcissistic digital relic of our time, although I can’t say it’s not fun to be on the receiving end. César Moreno, based in Cancun, Mexico, takes these selfies out of the digital realm with a new series called Espejito, Espejito (Mirror, Mirror). On 80 x 50cm wooden canvases, he paints sexy images of women snapping cell phone pics in the mirror. His unique style leaves the women looking like wooden marionettes, perhaps suggesting something deeper.