Looking Back at a Year of Daily Geometry

Tilman Zitzmann Daily Geometry 6

For just over a year now Tilman Zitzmann has been daily exploring two of his design fascinations: geometry and minimalism. Each day on his tumblr blog he posts a deceptively simple geometric form in his tasty retro style. Most examples look like they could have been lifted from your parent’s 50s or 60s textbooks, the ones that featured beautiful geometric instructions and infographics on the world before the term was even coined. For anyone design related, this is inspiration gold.

Visual Bits #429> Make Simple Choices: Minimal Designs

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Meaningful Quotes, Minimalist Design by Ryan McArthur

Ryan McArthur 1

Attention quote and design lovers, here’s a poster series that marries minimalism with inspiration and will look great on your wall. Toronto based designer Ryan McArthur has created this awesome line of prints using quotations from some of the most brilliant minds. He illustrates each of his simple, clean designs by hand then manually traces each line converting it to a vector graphic to scale and manipulate. Next he adds in the speech bubble graphic of the author’s name along with the quote itself, and voila!

Couple Stops Paying Rent by Building Tiny Home

clothesline-tiny-home 2

A young couple from the States decided they were tired of paying rent and mortgages. Their solution? Build a tiny house on a truck trailer! Shane and Carrie Caverly both had building and design experience so they put their minds together and built their 144 sq ft house on a gooseneck trailer. They’ve also created a company called Clothesline Tiny Homes for anybody who is interested in doing the same.

Visual Bits #359> Don’t Get Scared, Get Simple

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Visual Bits #248> Illustrating Great Heights

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Minimalist Icons: Famous Painters to Guess

Calling all art history buffs… have we got a challenge for you! Coded into each of these minimalist posters is a famous artist from the pages of history; whether that be the pages of antiquity, modern art or even current masters on display.

Minimalist Dark Knight Character Posters

As the Christopher Nolan Dark Night Trilogy has come to an end, graphic designer David Ryan Andersson has created a series of minimalist posters to highlight it’s key players. Each poster features a shadowed figure of each on a solid colored background along with a quote representative of each character. See your favorite hero along with the villains from Nolan’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises in a minimalistic fashion. David Ryan Andersson is a Chicago native currently attending the University of Illinois for advertising.

VISUAL BITS #163 > IKEA Instructions for Stonehenge

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The Haunting Late Night Photography of Michael Kenna

The ghostly images of Michael Kenna give us a hauntingly beautiful lens with which to view our natural world. Many of his photos are inspired by his travels abroad, with Japan being one of his biggest influences. When Kenna first visited Japan in 1987 for a one-person exhibition, he became completely entranced with the countries stark terrain. Since then, Kenna has traveled throughout the world snapping his striking, minimalist landscapes, which continue to capture the essence and grace of the eerie mountains, oceans and valleys he photographs.