Michael Pecirno’s Minimalist Maps Reveal the Hidden Landscapes of America

London-based designer Michael Pecirno creates minimalist maps in an ongoing project to understand the landscape of the world. His work is exploratory, using a decidedly narrow set of data to see the unique patterns it creates across the land. In each case, the map is drawn with data points, leaving traditional physical and political borders to our imagination.

Minimalist Visualizations of Different Drug Experiences

We all remember the classic ad from the Partnership For a Drug-Free America, which used a simple egg to visualize your brain on drugs.

But what does your brain look like on specific drugs? Designer Meaghan Li decided take a different approach.

Everyday Objects Re-imagined by Christoph Niemann

Sometimes things are more than they seem, especially in the hands of Berlin-based illustrator designer, and author. Christoph Niemann. See the creative inner workings of his mind as an avocado becomes a baseball glove, paper clips turn into beach chairs, and keys are transformed into a new bird species. His minimalist illustrations with every day objects are thoughtful and witty.

Pictionary Style Minimalist Art Posters of Your Favorite Rock Bands

Who doesn’t love Pictionary and Win, Lose or Draw? Trying to use picture clues to make your friends guess what the heck you’re trying to draw. But what if the pace were slowed down and there was more time to think about what you’re going to draw? That’s kind of how these Literal Rock Band Icons by Tata & Friends are. They made these as a tribute to the bands they love. Test your rock band knowledge and scroll slowly through these. Try to guess each one before the answer is revealed.

Minimalist Illustrations of the Animals That Have Traveled to Space

Thirteen years before a human ever traveled to outer space, on June 11, 1948, a heroic rhesus monkey named Albert made the journey, paving the way for future astronauts. Sadly Albert died of suffocation during the flight, but he was the first of many test monkeys. Before Albert only fruit flies had been sent to space, but he was the predecessor to monkeys Albert II through Albert VI, Gordo, Able, Sam, Miss Sam, Ham, and Enos among several other animals. Based in Budapest, Hungary, designer Norbert Mayer gives an illustrated history lesson on our animal friend space travelers in the images below.

UFOgel: A Cool Minimalist Home in the Austrian Alps

These days people are catching onto the idea of tiny minimalist homes. In the country of Austria where amazing alps abound, a family commissioned designer Peter Jungmann to create a house that provided ample views of the spectacular mountains yet gave minimal impact to the existing environment. The result was the “UFOgel”, a fusion of UFO and Vogel, which means bird in German.

The Face-O-Mat Spits Out A Minimalist Illustration of Your Face in 3 Minutes

19 Tobias Gutmann

At the laundromat dirty clothes go through the machines and come out clean, and that’s not much different from what happens to a face in the Face-O-Mat. Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann created this portrait machine which he sits inside and waits for a coin donation in the slot. Then he looks through the square at the customer’s face and begins painting a minimalist portrait of them in 3 minutes. With special sound effects, that sound like a printer, Gutmann feeds the painting through the slot so it looks like the machine is spitting it out and the people get to bring home an awesome, squeaky clean self-portrait.

Imaginative Silhouettes In a Little Leaf World

1 Leaves by Tang Chiew Ling

Inspired by artists like Banksy, Malaysian artist Tang Chiew Ling creates minimalist stencil-like silhouettes, but then she adds a fanciful twist. For this series called Object Art: 1, Ling adds leaves to each of her illustrations to tell a playful story. A couple holding hands beneath a rain cloud of leaf matter, a bundle of leaf balloons, and a little girl blowing bubbles of leaves are some of the whimsical images she has created. Ling is a freelance graphic designer who loves to illustrate on the side. She has another Object Art project that uses cotton balls in a similar narrative way.

Leading Ladies of Science: A Typographic Tribute

Women in science

To go along with his male-centric scientist minimalist typography series, Kapil Bhagat has added to it some of the most important females in science. With the popularity of his first set- Edison, Einstein, Copernicus, Galileo, Archimedes, Tesla, Darwin, and Pythagoras- he received requests for some of the leading ladies too, so on the anniversary of Marie Curie’s death he released this set. Honoring Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Barbara McClintock and Maria Mitchell, Bhagat creatively designs a way to show what each woman is famous for in her name.

Pun Intended: Hilariously Cute Minimalist Illustrations


If walls could talk, they probably wouldn’t be nearly as funny as these other everyday objects- like blue cheese, onions, hammers, and light bulbs. Freelance illustrator and designer Jaco Haasbroek has created this hilarious series of minimalist characters speaking what’s on their “minds”. The set, called Food, Object or Animal is comprised of little acrylic and ink paintings on paper with handwritten speech text in all caps. From cheese that’s “mature for his age” to shivering “chilly” peppers, Haasbroek will have you thinking about how to personify all of the foods and objects you come into contact with.