5 Minimalist Animations that Convey Big Ideas

When we peel away the layers of complexity in a project, we are left with only with the message at its core. That’s one of the BIG reasons why minimalist projects can have a huge impact. Do them right, and they’re brilliant, but do them wrong, and they’re just boring. Here we highlight 5 animation projects that nailed the delicate balancing act of detail vs. simplicity and convey so very much with very little.

Monk With A Camera: Feel Good Documentary Tells The Story Of Nicholas Vreeland’s Path To Enlightenment

Growing up as the good-looking, jet setting son of U.S. diplomats and grandson of legendary Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland, Nicholas Vreeland began his adulthood as one of NYC’s most eligible bachelors. With a career in photography, he was the embodiment of the American Dream, but in 1985, after a trip to India, he changed the course of his life to become a Buddhist monk. Leaving all of the material possessions from his former life behind, there was one item that sneaked back into his life. His brother gifted him a camera when he moved to the monastery and though this passion is secondary to his monastic life, he sees his work as “personal poems.”

Behind the Music: Famous Guitars

1 Famous Guitars

Imagine some of the best blues, jazz, rock and punk songs you can think of- then imagine taking the guitar out. It would be a whole different ball game! Behind every great guitarist is his preferred instrument- the perfect fit to produce the sound he is looking for- the one that becomes an extension of his hands and transfers the song in his soul to the auditory world. Italian Art Director & Multimedia Designer Federico Mauro brings us yet another fun project, hunting down some of the most distinguishable instruments of famous guitarists.

Iconostory: Minimalist Designs Represent History

1 Rene Mambembe

From the big bang all the way to Usain Bolt’s 9.58 second hundred- meter dash record in 2009, French graphic designer René Mambembé takes us on a minimalist journey through history. With clean, simple designs to represent each major event, looking through his work is almost like taking a history quiz to see how many key moments you can identify. After the dinosaurs and the Ice Age, Mambembé starts with Cubism in the 1900’s and goes decade by decade highlighting the most memorable occasions, ending with some likely predictions for the 2010’s. Brush up on your history by trying to label each minimalist design as you scroll through!

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Inspirational Minimalist Poster Designs

Tang Yau Hoong 1

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good quote. In fact the photo library on my iPhone is probably 40% inspirational quotes that I’ve found through various forms of social media. So when I came across these minimalist posters by Tang Yao Hoong with a beautiful design and awesome quotes I was hitting “save” like crazy and thought I would pass them along! His simple, clever designs are as fun as they are creative and each image matches the quote flawlessly.

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