Visual Bits #421>Miniatures, Magnetic Putty, & More

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Visual Bits #217> Big City Little World

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Tragic Miniatures in the Wake of Destruction

When tragedy strikes our mundane everyday existence, life can seem like it has turned upside down. Whether it be a tornado, earthquake or flood that has struck, it can seem as if the hand of god has swiftly crushed all that we have known and in ways that almost seem surreal, changed our existence and understanding of the world forever. Thomas Doyle’s miniatures give us just that feeling, taking tiny homes and trowing them into a perilous existence which often seems too wild to be true.

Around the World in Tilt Shift Travel Photography

Andrew Kreft is a freelance web designer based in the Netherlands, as well as the creator of a non-profit photography website, TiltShifted. The site showcases tilt shift photography, which skews images to make ordinary scenes look like miniature worlds.

The Forum, Rome, Italy
The Forum, Rome