Michael Wolf Photographs the Rooftops of Paris

Forget your normal, street-level view of Paris. Photographer Michael Wolf is heading to the roof, capturing the top of the ‘city of lights’ in a way most people never see. In a place so photographed that it has become a massive cliché (sold in gift shops the world over) it’s refreshing to see a lofty new perspective on the beautiful place.

Hong Kong High-Rise Photography


Hong Kong is a fascinating place that has historically been known for its strong economic power. With a land area of 426 square miles and a population of seven million people, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Faces of Jam-Packed Subway Commuters

If you think you’ve been on crowded public transit worth a grumble, take a look at Michael Wolf’s photography. The term “packed in like sardines” is hardly an exaggeration when it comes to these commuters who have literally been squashed into Toyko subway cars. Some are listening to music, some look spaced out in their face masks (in a cramped space like this, I’d consider wearing one too) and some, miraculously, are sleeping standing up. I guess they don’t need to worry about falling over, do they?