Need a New Boat? Just Break Out the Parts and Build it with a Life-Sized Assemble Kit


When Michael Johansson isn’t treating his art like real-life Tetris, he’s making life-size injection molded “assembly kits” of everyday objects. Need a new hair dryer or lawn mower? Don’t worry, he’s got you covered with all the pieces flat packed on a board, ready to break off and build. His whimsical art pays homage to the plastic model kits of our youth (ok, I’m still obsessed), where our favorite cars, planes and ships were all waiting for us in in one small box.

Playing Real-Life Tetris With Discarded Objects

Michael Johansson Real-life Tetris 1

Michael Johansson often thinks of his work as real-life Tetris. He works with discarded objects collected methodically from yard sales, flea markets… wherever people are getting rid of their “junk.” It’s the kind of work a hoarder might build if they arranged their object obsessed lives in productive, color and shape coordinated fashion.