Michael Jackson Patented Anti-Gravity Shoes In 1993

1 Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Shoes

In 1988, Michael Jackson had his fans in awe when he released his music video “Smooth Criminal”, but it was not the 1930’s night club plot that had jaws dropping, it was his latest dance move- the anti-gravity lean. Standing up straight, the dancers were able to defy gravity, leaning over at a forty-five degree angle to the floor. In the music video they used strings, but when Michael wanted to take this move on the road they had to get more creative. With the help of two co-inventors, MJ created the Anti-Gravity Shoe. Now with a few hidden bolts on the floor, audiences could enjoy this magical dance move on stage.

Recycled Records Become Vinyl Silhouettes

1 batman_silhouette_vinyl by tamás kánya

While some might cry sacrilege at the butchering of precious records, Tamás Kánya of Hungary has transformed the vinyl into silhouettes that are pretty flippin’ awesome. From Batman to Michael Jackson to Star Wars, Kánya’s vinyl figures seem to be emerging from each record on the striking yellow background. The artist is very handy with sharp tools and recycled materials; he has also created some incredible miniature airplanes out of beer cans. See more of the vinyl silhouettes and his other creations on Kánya’s deviantART and Flickr pages.

Classic Musician Mosaics Made From Their Own CDs

The world “epic” gets thrown around far too often these days – it seems you can even say it about a loaf of white bread – but when it comes to these mosaics of classic musicians, that was the first word that sprung to mind. The likeness of 7 artists was created using not only just an array of colorful CDs, but their very own albums. We see Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, James Brown, Freddie Mercury and Elvis, all easily recognizable and created with stunning passion.

A Journey from Pop Culture to Wild Africa


Some of the most interesting stories begin with a realization.  Often these realizations take people on dramatic detours or alternate paths from their careers, life plans or dreams.  Nick Brandt is an amazing extension of a realization turned into a new career, turned into a foundation.  After moving to the United States in 1992, he managed a successful career in video production, working with artists like Jewel, Moby, and even Michael Jackson.

The Internet in 1995 on MTV News

You don’t have to be that old to remember the days before Youtube, when streaming video was only 240 x 120 pixels and an exceptionally slow one frame a second. We’ve come a long way as this clip from a 1995 airing of MTV News shows. Featuring interviews from some still very relevant celebs like Sandra Bullock and Ozzy Osbourne, can you believe some people in 1995 still thought the internet was ‘just a fad’?