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Age of Omuktlans: Mexican Influenced Art

Thursday 04.04.2013 , Posted by

El Curiot Mexican Art 7

With the heavy influence of Mexican art evident in the work of the artist Curiot, it’s surprising to know that he grew up in the States and only began to experience art “south of the border” a decade ago. Now his works are filled with Day of the Dead references, tibal symbols, geometric designs and figures eluding to myth and legend. The now Mexico City based painter and street artist recently sold out his first US based solo show at FFDG in San Francisco’s Mission district, where he displayed 11 new works in his captivating style. [Read more…]


Our Exquisite Corpse: Beaded Skulls from Mexico

Friday 10.26.2012 , Posted by

These sculptures are unique in being both joyously colored and surprisingly macabre. Coming from the country know for celebrating the Day of the Dead, each skull is created by the Huichol people of Western Mexico. Each is made of cast resin and meticulously covered in thousands of tiny beads. The intricate patterns originate from the Huichol peoples traditional art and culture in the Sierra Madre Mountains. [Read more…]


Star Wars Depicted with Traditional Mexican Art

Monday 11.01.2010 , Posted by

Mis Nopales Art brings us a new representation of arguably the most loved saga of our time: Star Wars. Living in California, José Pulido makes prints of pop culture icons in a traditional Mexican style reminiscent of Dia de Los Muertos.

For many more examples or to purchase prints, visit his Etsy shop.

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