Old Bolts Transform into Profound Sculptures on the Human Experience

Oslo-based blacksmith Tobbe Malm found a bunch of discarded bolts laying in an old barn. He could have simply let them rust away, but instead he transformed them into these small, but hugely emotive sculptures. Unless you’re a mechanic, you probably haven’t had simple hardware stir emotions this profound.

This Incredible Hulk Sculpture is Totally Nuts (Yes, It’s Made From Them)

I’d like to say this Hulk sculpture is life-like, but we’re talking about a made-up superhero here. Let’s just say finding it down a dark alley would make you consider turning around…

Built by Thailand’s BanHunLek, the piece was built from scrap metal like most of the work from their shop. Pulling apart old rusting cars to salvage the metal bits is all in a day’s work. In the case of their latest Hulk sculpture (it’s not their first) the weathered surface just makes it much more tough. The most impressive part: look close, and it’s made almost entirely from nuts welded together.

Inspired by Gothic Architecture: Large Machines Built From Metal Lattice


We’ve shared our love of Wim Delvoye’s scrimshaw-like tire carvings before, and now we want to bring you the rebel Belgian artist’s equally beautiful metal sculptures. Like his tires, these artworks take a subject infrequently – or maybe never – associated with the concept of delicate beauty: heavy construction vehicles. He’s taken the massive forms of these machines and translated them into latice-like structures of delicate metal. All of it is inspired by Gothic architecture and cathedrals.

Peter McFarlane: Reduce, Reuse and Make Metal Art

Peter McFarlane Metal Art 3

Peter McFarlane lives in an artistic world of possibilities, one which challenges him to remix the objects of life and create captivating, re-contextualized forms. After his first job working on a factory assembly line taught him a deep suspicion of technology, much of his work has revolved around examining the affect of technology and consumption on our culture. The metal work we bring you here sees chainsaws reworked into fanciful birds and whales, while spoons become bird nests and saw blades become farming implements.

Metalmorphosis: a Sculpture That Rotates

Swirling bands of polished stainless steel form a moving, morphing bust in this fantastic sculpture by Czech artist David Černý. Installed in the mirroring pond of Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, the massive 14-ton sculpture only takes the form of a head when all of it’s sliced pieces are aligned – the rest of the time they circle in mesmerizing 360 degree patterns. For more on Černý and the piece, titled Metalmorphosis, see his website davidcerny.cz, stop by flickr for more images or see this live webcam to see what the sculpture is doing at the moment.

Kinetic Sculpture: Metal Art that Performs

Using the huge pile of scrap metal and discarded objects surrounding his warehouse like art studio, artist Andrew Smith makes large, kinetic art pieces that perform for the viewer. He says his works rarely start with a definite plan, but as he bolts, welds and cuts, they grow with the spontaneous inspiration created by the random variety of objects he has on hand.
For more on his captivating work, see his website andrewsmithart.com