People are Consuming A Massive 8 Hours of Media Each Day

492 minutes a day. That’s the average amount of media ZenithOptimedia predicts the world’s people will consume in 2015, according to their new report Media Consumption Forecasts. That’s more than last year, and the year before.

What do they consider ‘media’? It’s not just staring at a phone at the crosswalk. They include reading newspapers and magazines, watching television, listening to the radio, visiting the cinema, using the internet, and viewing outdoor advertising.

No surprise here: newspaper consumption is way down, while anything to do with the internet is grabbing hours quickly.

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4 Major Social Segments to Watch

Trying to figure out — and stay up with — what’s going on with social networks requires some dedication, and keeping your ear to the ground. If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably noticed a shift in the conversation. Previously, the dialogue was fixated on growing Fans, Followers, and building a creative presence on social media sites. Now, the dialogue has shifted into a conversation about driving real engagement and measurable business value.

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Big Picture, Big Caption: News Pics Irreverently Remixed

You know all those incredible, world changing photos over at’s The Big Picture? These are the photos that routinely capture major events in the world, bringing them big and bold before our eyes and enlightening us to the triumphs and tragedies of the human saga. Captured by talented photographers around the globe, each unique image speaks to our hearts and motivates us to take a larger view of the world.

The Case For Facebook: Its Effects on Work Productivity

Social media has become an ever increasing part of our lives over the past few years. Five years ago Facebook was just a place to connect with friends you knew and foster relationships with new ones. Today, everyone and their mother (grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, and cat) are on Facebook; so it’s no surprise employees are going on social networks, and even browsing them in the office. The corporate debate over allowing employees to partake in these activities during work hours is a controversial one.

Why is Pinterest So Addictive?

Over the last six months, Pinterest has seen itself explode all over the Internet, quickly becoming the rising star of the social media scene in a big way. From September 2011 to February 2012, the monthly unique visits to the Pinterest site grew over 866 percent. Pinterest is also beginning to give its rivals – Tumblr and Facebook – a run for their money when it comes to time spent on the respective sites. There are a few reasons why Pinterest has been performing so well: the design of the site, its massive appeal to a broad audience, a place of refuge from Twitter/Facebook, and its accessibility.