Found in the Cupboard: Hungarian Matchbook Covers

Hungarian Matchbook Covers header

Sometimes, hidden in long forgotten cupboards, there are treasures to be found. That was the experience for London based designer Kristian Bodnar, who discovered a small leather bound book full of vintage Hungarian matchbox covers tucked away in his grandmother’s house. The approximately 300 tiny images were meticulously collected by Bodnar’s father, Zoltan Bodnar, in his childhood. At the time, the images were glued to matchbox covers and could be soaked off by children to enjoy. You can imagine, for a designer, it was like finding pure gold.

Russian Matchbox Covers Celebrate Fall Colors

Eastern Europe adopted modern design in the 50’s and 60’s like no other area of the world. From architecture to propaganda posters, the modern and minimalist aesthetic was everywhere. One of the common places these designs found a home was on the matchbox covers of the general public. In communist countries, propaganda for the space race was popular, but so were public health announcements about alcohol abuse, hygiene and safety on the roads… in the case of the labels displayed here, the simple message was to enjoy the beautiful outdoor colors of autumn