Tessellated Masks Folded from One Sheet of Un-cut Paper

These masks may look like complex woven mats of metal or fabric – and that would be impressive – but the truth is even more astounding. Origami artist Joel Cooper uses a folding method called tessellation to create his elaborate masks out of one piece of paper without cutting or glue. His faces have a distinctly geometric form that is otherworldly and beautiful. Yes, this takes practice.

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Who’s the Real Chewbacca? The Actors Behind The Mask


Who are the mysterious actors underneath the masks of our favorite movie and TV characters? When an elaborate costume like Chewbacca’s is featured on the big screen, that image will reserve a spot in our memories, but what about the person behind it all? Don’t they deserve some acknowledgement as well? Without these talented and animated actors the characters wouldn’t be nearly as memorable or amusing. Let’s pay tribute to the talent behind the mask.