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Visual Bits #404 > Face Your Fears: Illustrations

Saturday 03.23.2013 , Posted by

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Facebook is Public! Zuckerberg rings the opening bell

Friday 05.18.2012 , Posted by

At 9:30am Eastern Standard Time, Mark Zuckerberg rang the opening NASDAQ bell from Facebook’s company headquarters in Menlo Park, California. With slightly geeky smiles, Zuckerberg held his cool as he was flanked by his chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, who was beaming with smiles and high fiving everyone around after the bell was rung. [Read more…]


Mark Zuckerberg: Hollywood Doesn’t Get Silicon Valley

Wednesday 10.27.2010 , Posted by

Jessica Livingston sits down at Startup School with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and talks with him about The Social Network, the new movie based on the companies beginnings. Mark explains what Hollywood got right, what they got wrong and what they just don’t seem to understand.

Check out the full interview (which includes some questions about Facebook’s early days) and all the other talks from Startup School here.

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