Classic Video Games Envisioned As Cringe-Worthy Romance Novels

Just the thought of romance novels conjures up thoughts of the cringe-worthy images printed on their covers. From shirtless muscled men riding white horses, to passionately swooning women in period costume, it’s hard to find a cliche more hilariously worn. But what if those impossibly romantic scenes were replaced by the coin-collecting, dot-eating heroes from our favorite classic 8-bit games? Shutterstock sent their massive catalogue of images over to illustrator Echo Chernik, challenging him to create a Valentines series that would make any gamer feel romantic.

Geeky Icons Get an Awesome Sugar Skull Treatment

Jonathan Koshi 11Jonathan Koshi 12

It doesn’t matter what he touches, Jonathan Koshi creates exceptional graphics. Best of all? He prints them too. Living in the famously Mexican influenced Mission district of San Francisco, he’s been putting a Day of the Dead, Sugar Skull spin on pop culture icons from Spy vs. Spy, to Lego men and Kermit the Frog. He calls the series Get Your Sugar, and in a perfect mix of youth and maturity, he has them expertly letterpress printed the old fashion way.

Anti-Mario Propaganda Posters Inspired by WWII

11 - Mario Power Up

Just when you thought your mission to save the princess was in the bag, along come’s anti-Mario propaganda from the mushroom kingdom: “The Koopas are Fighting, Why Aren’t You?” Each of these 17 posters, including the new 7 just released, pay homage to the iconic propaganda posters of WW2. Planting a Victory Garden? In this case, the plants fight back!

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