This Chicago Cannabis Advocacy Website Lets Visualizations Do the Talking

Despite Chicago decriminalizing marijuana possession in 2012, the state of Illinois has earned a reputation as the least friendly state in the nation for marijuana users. What does that look like? Rather than citing citizens as they are allowed, Chicago PD is arresting people for small amounts of marijuana at alarming rates. Arrest Chicago, a cannabis advocacy site, lets the numbers do the talking.

Portland Police Show How Much Weed is Legal, Compared to a Doughnut!

You don’t find too many police departments creating cute little visualizations… but Portland Police Bureau did just that. As of June 1st, Oregon’s Measure 91 allows adults 21 and older to posses up to one ounce of marijuana outside the home, eight ounces in the house, and four pot plants. For those who don’t want to carry a scale around with them, PPB created this visualization comparing the legal limits for weed… to a doughnut!!!

It’s 4/20, and This Smoke Art Is Gorgeous

It’s 4/20, dude. Whether or not you partake, weed use continues to be a hot-button issue. Around the country, more states are embracing legalization—and public support continues to grow.


We’ve covered the topic in a few ways over the years. From badass smoke art to a deeper look at the data supporting legalization, these are our favorite pieces (pun intended). 

Weed is Super Safe, and This Chart Proves It.

Washington D.C. voted to legalize marijuana last November by a landslide, with that Initiative taking effect today. While the nation’s capital won’t be the next Amsterdam, it does raise questions in the continuing debate about marijuana safety. Just how safe is smoking weed?

Ask any recreational or medical marijuana user and they’ll quickly tell you that the drug is safe (and a LOT of scientific research backs that up), but recent research is suggesting it might be even safer than we’ve thought. In findings published in the journal Scientific Reports (a research publication from Nature), researchers worked to quantify the risk of death associated with commonly used drugs when used in typical fashion.

Up In Smoke: Exhaled Smoke Art

Many artists use marijuana to get the creative juices flowing while making art, but Brazilian Artist Fernando De La Rocque literally uses it in his creations. By blowing cannabis smoke onto precut stencils, the artist makes sepia images of religious and political icons. With his controversial work, De La Rocque shares his opinion that the substance should be decriminalized, stating, “more important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it.”

Wack Weed Attitudes: Where Do People Really Stand?

The quest to legalize marijuana has been long and arduous. For over 40 years the legalization movement has been gaining support  — from 12% public support in 1969 to roughly 50% support in 2011 — more people than ever are in favor of legalization. According to the graphic below, these numbers rise astronomically to 70% in favor of legalizing doctor-prescribed marijuana. Still, state and federal lawmakers are among the minority of supporters. Many believe in the criminalization of marijuana, regardless of its proven track record for being a better alternative — and less grim reaper friendly — than prescription drugs and legal self-medication.

Weed The People: Evolving Attitudes About Marijuana

Times they are a changing. With record numbers of Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana, and many states allowing the use of the plant for medical purposes, it seems as if the tide of opinion in the nation may be poised for drastic change. This graphic, created in a collaboration between GOOD and Column Five, looks at where people stand on the issue, narrowing the focus to demographics such as age and political standing. The graphic also looks at the current legal policy for each state regarding medical marijuana. What do you think this means for future legislation?

How Prop 19 Will Change Marijuana in California

On November 2nd, Californians will vote on Proposition 19, which could legalize the sale, taxation and regulation of marijuana in the financially bankrupt state. Cannabis is already California’s largest cash crop, generating over $15 billion in sales each year. That’s over three times the profit of wine grapes grown in the state. Their campaign was produced and funded by I Shot Him Because I Loved Him, Damn Him, a cause-driven design studio. Make sure to check out their Prop 19 site,, for more on this pertinent issue.