What it’s Like to Spend 10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman

To truly understand someone, they say you need to “walk a mile in their shoes.” This shocking video certainly does that, bringing home the situation for women just about anywhere in Manhattan. Shoshana Roberts recently spent 10 hours walking the streets of NYC, being secretly filmed by Rob Bliss. The level of street harassment she endures is truly eye opening, and sometimes just downright creepy.

A Look Inside Shutterstock’s New Offices in Manhattan

Shutterstock, the well known stock photography agency based in New York City has packed up shop and moved to a new location in Manhattan. With a growing employee base of 300 plus, the company determined its new headquarters should be in one of the most iconic buildings in the world: The Empire State Building. It wasn’t for its fame that the company chose the location though. It was largely data driven, as is every significant decision they make.

The Heaviest Map Ever?

Looking like a bleached version of Google Earth, the level of detail and accuracy in this tiny re-creation of Manhattan island is truly astounding. The fact that it was hand carved out of a huge block of marble makes it even more impressive… and at two and a half tons incredibly heavy too. Recently put on display at the David Zwirner gallery in New York, the piece titled ‘Little Manhattan’ was meticulously carved by artist Yataka Sone using photographs, many helicopter rides and yes, Google Earth to reproduce the islands towering buildings, canyon like streets and famous bridges.

A Revolutionary New Pool for NYC?

The unique idea of 3 overheated New Yorkers, this concept for a new floating public pool in the waters around Manhattan could be a welcome relief from the sweltering city heat. Their project, the +Pool, is currently raising support through a Kickstarter campaign and matches the iconic ‘+’ shape of the cities intersections. What makes the design really different? In order to give swimmers a direct connection to the river, the pool will utilize a unique green tech filtration system within it’s walls to fill itself directly from the surrounding river… and because of it’s shape, it will be able to be sectioned off for multiple uses, from free swim to swim meets.