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Beautiful Cut Paper Looks Like 3D Stained Glass

Wednesday 02.29.2012 , Posted by

Looking like 3D versions of stained glass windows or ancient mandalas, these insanely intricate paper-cut sculptures use hundreds of layers of paper to build up their peacefully meditative forms. Each piece looks as if it was carved into a single block of multi-colored paper strata, revealing complex repeating geometric patterns buried in its depths. Even more interesting, not only do these works have depth, but also bands or bridges of paper floating over the carved away sections below. What results are overlapping, interwoven patterns that draw one in to explore what lies underneath. [Read more...]


A Modern Take on Ancient Art

Friday 10.28.2011 , Posted by

Looking like modern day mandalas and taking just as long to create, UK based artist Jake Lockett is the creator of these large and insanely detailed pieces. Exploring his works closely, figures, faces and eyes pop appear, giving the repeating patterns far more personality than their ancient counterparts. Lockett is currently accepting commissions for custom work while he makes progress on an upcoming animation (you can see tests for it at the bottom of this post). Head by his website for more of his illustration work, his tumblr blog, or see his newly created blog for frequent updates on the progress of his animation [Read more...]


Beautiful & Complex Labyrinths Drawn With Salt

Friday 02.04.2011 , Posted by

With hundreds of hours of patience and thousands of pounds of salt, Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto draws vast mazes on smooth floors. Like painting with an hourglass, he lets salt flow from a plastic bottle normally used for machine oil, slowly drawing what he calls his “Labyrinths.” [Read more...]