This Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Female Celebs… and He’s Really Good At It

Just remember this Halloween: with the right makeup skills, you can be ANYONE. Seriously. Just check out the skills of makeup artist and TV host Paolo Ballesteros from the Philippines. With his makeup kit, some wigs and fake eyelashes he’s managed to transform himself into all sorts of female celebs – from Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian, to Julia Roberts and Megan Fox (above). Even on his attempts that aren’t spot-on, it’s still impressive how quickly we can recognize the famous face.

From Cute To Creepy, Elsa Rhae Uses Self-Applied Makeup to Become Wild Characters

Honestly, it’s wild what a lot of makeup can do. In the case of Elsa Rhae, she’s transforming herself into all kinds of iconic characters – from Captain Planet, to The Grinch who stole Christmas – but she doesn’t hold back on who she chooses to emulate. Some of her creations are really cute, while others are downright creepy – and I’m not even talking about her version of the Joker.

Tutti Frutti: A Tasty Self-Portrait Collection

Cristina Otera combines her obsession for fruit with her imaginative photography, creating this tasty collection. The 16-year-old artist from Cádiz, Spain started experimenting with photoshop only two years ago and by combining that with some very creative makeup skills, she has been submitting amazingly vibrant photos on Deviant Art ever since. Cristina has established quite the following through her online portfolio and — with this she can answer anyones questions via video chat. It is inspiring to see talented young artists coming out of the woodwork!

Font Face Fashion: Typography in Makeup

With a play on words for inspiration, Font Face is a project by Spanish design studio Atipo which pays tribute to 4 typographic legends and their creators. Represented in bold black and white makeup are: Carousel Medium, Clarendon Bold, Caslon Italic and of course Helvetica Bold. Produced from the project are four large posters perfect for putting a smile on the face of any font fan.