Vintage Magazines Made into Surreal Collages


Sammy Slabbinckhad a love for vintage magazines since he was a little boy… mainly with classic publications from his parents generation of the 50s to the 70s. He began collecting everything from TIME, to National Geographic and LIFE Magazine – and at one point, he decided to create his own form of surreal pop art collages with his extensive collection.

SPIN Magazine Covers of the 90s


Each of SPIN Magazine’s glorious covers of the 90s are a piece of space fabric in the timeline of rock’n’roll history. The first issue of SPIN arrived in May, 1985, with this statement of purpose from founder Bob Guccione Jr: “Spin is a fresh, intelligent alternative to a mostly tired, complacent music press. It is an upbeat magazine without politics and in love with rock’n’roll and all its kindred spirits.” Since then, SPIN has become one of the most seminal rock music magazines the world has ever seen. SPIN celebrates its 28th birthday this year, which marks nearly three decades of churning out some of the best writing rock’n’roll has ever seen.

A New Magazine of Unexpected Design Creativity

We are inundated with design creativity these days, from ideas which seem practical to those that are totally absurd. But what works? The soon to be published bi-annual print and digital magazine, Works That Work, intends to be a periodical dedicated to inspiration and observation of projects which really work. Now that’s information we can really get behind.

A Buckminster Fuller Inspired Magazine Cover

It’s not too often that the old media world steps outside the traditional, bringing us something we haven’t seen or felt before. Inspired by the unusual faceted designs of the legendary Buckminster Fuller who helped to change design philosophy on everything from how we look at homes to transportation, this new flexible cover for Novum magazine would make him proud. Created by Hamburg based design studio Paperlux, the tactilely fascinating 15,000 issue edition feels like a flattened geodetic dome, as each thick cover has been precisely sliced along the borders of each colorful triangle.

When Were Words Popular? PopSci Archive Explorer

If you’ve ever wondered about the popularity of topics through time, this new interactive archive of Popular Science magazine is just the thing. With the help of a team at Google, the entire catalog of 1,563 Popular Science issues starting at the magazines inception in 1872 has been archived, creating a set of mineable data totaling 1.35-gigabytes. By using both a visual calendar and a circular animation of dates, users of the new Archive Explorer can see when words and terms were popular based on the number of times they appeared in that month issue. Especially interesting is observing when words like “internet” and “communist” came into use. Check it out for yourself at

Google Launches New Online Magazine

Without any grand anouncements or fanfare, Google has quietly launched it’s own full length online magazine, Think Quarterly. Intended to be a “breathing space in a busy world,” the first quartarly issue looks incredibly clean and well put together and no surprise it is filled with the companies typically clever touches. The internet based reader neatly displays the magazine in a simulated book format, with pages that apear to turn.

Old School Snowboarding Ads from 78 to 92

Today we take a trip down memory mountain, looking at some of the iconic snowboard ads that put the sport on the map. Snowboarding hasn’t always been the popular ride of the slopes that it is today; not long ago, some of us might remember, it was actually shunned by most of the ski parks. Boarders would literally have to hike to the top of a slope or get a snowmobile ride just to cut a line through some powder.
So give thanks for the pioneers of snowboarding and board on!