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A Picture Shows How Wasps Develop… You Don’t Want to Look at it Before Bed.

Wednesday 07.16.2014 , Posted by

There’s not many things that strike fear into a grown man’s heart like the sight of a wasp. Those little buggers pack a sting and bite so painful it will change you for good. With that in mind, this picture is sure to haunt your dreams.

…then again, if you’re into science, this is fascinating! [Read more…]


Butterfly & Moth Wings Are Even More Beautiful Up Close

Thursday 03.27.2014 , Posted by
Linden Gledhill Butterfly and Moth Wings header4

Butterflies and moths are already appreciated for their beauty, but if you look really close, you might think they’re even more stunning. Biochemist and photographer Linden Gledhill enjoys looking at things on a macro level, capturing everything from soap film and ferro fluid, to flower petals and insects in flight… way up close. In this series he’s looking at the delicate wings of moths and butterflies so closely that the surface of their wings reveal themselves to be multi-colored scales, like those found on a fish or reptiles, only much, much smaller. [Read more…]


Extraterrestrial Planets Created With Soap Bubbles

Wednesday 07.03.2013 , Posted by

Jason Tozer 1

We’ve seen “planets” created in the bottom of whiskey glasses by Ernie Button, cosmic creatures created out of real NASA space images by digital artist Chris Keegan, and now we bring you some more imaginary space fun with the macro photography of soap bubbles by Jason Tozer. Using a Hasselblad 503CW camera with a 135mm lens and some basic tools like detergent, glycerine, and a straw for swirling, Tozer has put his own spin a technique that Pete Turner experimented with in the early 80’s. He photographs the bubbles on a wet ring in a 2×3-meter perspex dome that allows him to adjust the lighting perfectly, so he rarely needs to digitally adjust any of his work. The results are shiny, rainbow, spheres that look like magical undiscovered planets where intelligent unicorn societies would live. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #383 > Mother Nature In All Its Glory

Wednesday 02.20.2013 , Posted by

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A Robotic Arm Lends a Hand to Slow Motion Filmography

Thursday 06.07.2012 , Posted by

In the world of slow motion cinematography the camera action has always been still due to technical limitations, until now. The Marmalade has put together a production studio consisting of directors, DoPs, model-makers, mechanical engineers, food stylists, pyrotechnicians, matte painters, fluids specialists, 3D-animators, and compositing professionals which is capable of producing complex slo-mo shots, using their state of the art equipment and software. [Read more…]


Suren Manvelyan Photographs Your Beautiful Eyes

Monday 11.01.2010 , Posted by

Suren Manvelyan is one of those outstanding individuals who makes your jaw drop and eyes go wide… maybe that’s how he got the amazingly detailed macro images featured here. Born in Armenia, he received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Yerevan State University in 2001, focusing on quantum chaos. He followed that the next year by winning The President Award of the Republic of Armenia for research in the field of quantum technologies. He plays five instruments. He teaches physics, mathematics and astronomy at the Yerevan Waldorf school. [Read more…]