The Sleep of the Beloved: Time Lapse Photography Catches Couples ‘Dancing’ As They Sleep

9 The sleep of the beloved by Paul Schneggenburger

In the name of art, Dutch photographer Paul Schneggenburger has invited over 80 couples to sleep over his house. This is in no way as creepy as it sounds: once there the participating lovers sleep together, alone, in a black duvet bed, lit only by candle light, while a camera hung over the bed captures their intimate sleep patterns. Between the hours of midnight and 6am, the long exposure documents each couples’ “nocturnal lovers’ dance” in a revealing black and white ethereal manner. A clever concept with a brilliant execution, the series is called Sleep of the Beloved.

Grave Connects Two Lovers and Their Differing Beliefs

Love across Cemetary Roermond 2

In the kitsch little town of Roermond in the Netherlands lays the grave of two lovers still holding onto their love in spirit, 130 years later. Traditionally, people in this southern part of Holland would be buried in their family plots corresponding to the religion they followed. These two lovers, Colonel J.W.C. van Gorcum and Jonkvrouwe J.C.P.H. van Aefferden, were both Christians, yet one was catholic and one was protestant. After being married for forty two years, the Colonel died in 1880 and was buried in the protestant plot of the town. A wall separated the catholic and protestant burial grounds.

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