Floating Angels: Underwater Photos by Zena Holloway

1 Underwater photography by Zena Holloway

In this stunning series called Swan Song, London-based photographer Zena Holloway captures an angelic beauty floating beneath the water. Born in Bahrain and raised in London, Zena Holloway lived in Egypt and then the Grand Canyon where she became a Professional Diving Instructor. She got an underwater camera and taught herself the art of underwater photography. Since her first ad campaign for Faberge in 1996, Holloway has become one of the biggest names in underwater fashion photography. She has worked with numerous big clients including Nike, Speedo, and Mastercard.


Stunning Spray Paint Portraits- No Brushes, No Stencils

1 David Walker

Without the aid of brushes or stencils, David Walker has achieved an incredible level of realism in his freehand spray paintings. With abstract strokes and numerous layers, he has created a unique style of portraiture that has the energy and vibrance of street art with an extraordinary photorealistic quality. The London-based artist has exhibited his work all over the UK, other parts of Europe, Asia, and the US in shows with some of the top street artists in the world.


Climb the Walls of this London Illusion

Dalston House 1

Ready to daringly rescue a child from a tall window? Want to relax like a gecko, magically attached to a vertical wall? How about flying from that window like the kids in Peter Pan? It’s all possible with Leandro Erlich’s new east London illusion. The giant installation, called Dalston House, allows visitors to place themselves on a horizontal façade while looking up at their reflection captured in a massive mirror hanging at a 45 degree angle overhead. For anyone viewing from the side, the illusion of a building with people scaling its sides is convincing.


Opening Week for the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Serpentine-Gallery-Pavilion-2013-by-Sou-Fujimoto 1

For the past thirteen years London’s Serpentine Gallery has hosted the work of fantastic architects in the form of their annual Pavilion, staging perhaps the most anticipated and innovative program in the world. The resulting structures are open to the public, allowing passerby to explore groundbreaking experiments in design from such names as Zaha Hadid (2000), Frank Gehry (2008), Oscar Niemeyer (2003), and last year, Ai Weiwei. This year’s example, now celebrating its opening week, sees a cloud-like structure of tubular steel rising like an apparition from the grounds of the gallery.


Sam Winston’s Elemental Typography at the V&A

Sam Winston VandA 1

Created specifically to participate in the upcoming V&A exhibition ‘Memory Palace’ in London, these fantastic new creations from artist Sam Winston have much thought rising from their sleek surfaces. His body of work features much that reinterprets the written word, making him a perfect fit for the new show that revolves around artistic, graphic and typographic interpretations of a section of a text from author Hari Kunzru written specifically for the multi-artist show. The passage Winston was tasked with interpreting was focused on “mankind’s worship of the periodic table.” To realize his vision, he chose to combine the scientific processes of modern chemistry with the imagery of sacred eastern geometry, realizing them through three fascinating metal panels.


Exquisite Paper Sculptures Map Historic Events


It’s easy to admire Matthew Picton’s paper sculpted maps simply for their fine craftsmanship and close resemblance to the famous cities they represent – but you’d be missing so much hidden in the details. Beyond the exquisitely folded ribbons of paper forming the delicate maps are tales from each city’s storied past: floods, fires, wars. Each element has been carefully researched and woven into the final sculpture, from the paper used to create it, to the destruction Picton often revisits on the cities.


Water Map: A Flat Wood Sink Modeled After London

Julia Kononenko Water Map 1

Seemingly flat sinks are hot these days, with many designs being produced that have little or no conventional basin. For many people, that’s not too much of a problem – most of our water splashing happens in the shower anyway. Now Julia Kononenko, a designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has taken the flat sink concept in a new direction, creating a laminated wood block featuring a pattern of channels modeled after the streets of central London. When used, the (presumably slow flowing) water enters the channels and subtly travels to a drain hidden in the back.


East Meets West: Zhu Jinshi’s ‘Boat’ Installation

Zhu Jinshi Boat 4

It’s a huge structure, but it weighs only a small fraction of most things its size. That’s because the floating tube featured here is built out of 8,000 sheets of rice paper, 800 shafts of bamboo, and cotton. Chinese abstract artist Zhu Jinshi installed the 12-meter long hanging structure, called Boat, last month at Art13 London, a new international art fair where the highly experiential piece featured as the centerpiece for the show.


Two Superb, Hand-Drawn Maps of London

Wellingtons Travel Map of London 2

When I visited Rome last summer I picked up a free, hand-drawn map of the city. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much, but when I started navigating using the small map, I was astounded at the detail it contained in each hand-drawn line. To be finding my way around the ancient city using only someone’s fine penmanship was like stepping back into the bygone era of hand-made cartography. Today we have Google Maps. It’s a tool which blows away any hand-created map as far as accuracy and search-ability, but something is certainly lost in the aesthetic beauty and ability to roll out a large city on the table before you. These fine maps of London from Wellingtons Travel, bring back the maps of old and do it with useful style.


Bringing Iconic London to Burning Man 2013

London_BRC_Burning Man 2013 -1

It’s less than six months until Burning Man begins, so the large scale art installations and their creators are beginning to surface, making their needs for support known. Each year, hundreds of unique art installations are displayed at Black Rock City, the temporary community of 50,000-plus people that attend Burning Man every Summer. Large, medium or small, there are all sorts of amazing art projects that are brought to the gathering each year. One large scale project titled “London BRC” is beginning its campaign for support and it looks to be an amazing project if it can be made a reality.