What if Hipster Brands Went Mainstream?

Some brands just get copied, others just get the munchies, but these brands have decided to go mainstream. It’s a rough road to take in our designer coffee, typography loving hip culture, but somebody had to do it.


#Filtered: Creative Coffee Drawings By Ben Blake


Coffee enthusiast Ben Blake proves that Instagram is not a filter’s single origin. On his charming website, Blake uses cone filters–the humble backbones behind your morning brew–as palettes for spirited illustrations celebrating coffee culture. Each illustration is a pen-and-ink ode to a specific roaster, brew, coffeehouse, or speciality coffee experience, many finishing with smooth flourishes and caffeinated exclamation marks. As his drawings range from rich, overflowing landscapes to simple typographic logos, they cleverly pair bold tasting notes with beautiful written ones.


ExxonMobil Goes After FXX For Its Use of Interlocking ‘XX’ in New Logo


ExxonMobil Corp. is none-too-pleased about FX Networks LLC’s latest branch of television programming, FXX. Though, their complaint is a bit different from fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s qualms of having to tune in to a different channel to catch the programming their used to, ExxonMobil is suing FX Networks to block their use of a logo the oil company says infringes upon their current branding.


Logo Mashups: Two Brands Come Face to Face

Logo Mashups 1Logo Mashups 12

Some logos were just meant to have babies. Take the Crocs logo and set it up with the Lacoste crocodile and what do you get? Some majorly jarring fashion and a logo that fits together all too well. That’s the gist behind Ryan Loomis‘ intriguing project Logo Mashups. He’s taking some of the most iconic brands and matching them with their most appropriate brand buddy.


Still Life with Fruit (Brands included)


It’s harmless to put a logo on an object right? Maybe so, and yet it can fully change the way it is perceived. A fruit is something nice, tasty, and full of juicy goodness; yet with the simple addition of a corporate logo (such as Calvin Klein, Gucci or Louis Vuitton) it’s interesting how one will often interpret the object differently.


10 Brand Logos Get a Zombie Apocalypse Makeover

In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, things might get a whole lot more dead around here. If zombies started running the place – dead brains and all – you can imagine brands might need to start marketing there products a little, shall we say… unorthodoxly. That’s what designer/artist Ben Fellowes imagined: he’s reworked a whole line of popular logos, from Starbucks to FedEx, and made them a lot more gruesome just in time for Halloween day.


Car Logo Rip-Offs From China and Beyond

We’re all familiar with knock-off Nike shoes and Louis Vuitton handbags coming out of factories in China, India and beyond. Often, telling the real thing from the copy is a pretty difficult task without a side-by-side comparison… even down to the logos the original company pays massive advertising bills to burn into our minds. So that’s familiar, but what about on the large scale level of car companies?


What If Company Logos Were Honest?

What would happen if large corporations actually ran their companies with our best interests in mind? Their logos might look a bit more like these new editions in design wiz Viktor Hertz’s ongoing series: Honest Logos. Each design remixes the original, replacing their name with something more closely representing a stereotype behind what the company really brings to the world. The results are as refreshing as a grande caramel-mocha Frappuccino with whipped-cream and caramel drizzle… but a whole lot less fattening.


Brandversation: When Corporate Logos Meet

Duking it out every day with advertising designed to make their brand look the best, these mash-ups of ubiquitous corporate logos beg the question: just how different are major brands like Coke and Pepsi? The series, titled Brandversation, remakes the logos of famous companies using the logo from their arch rival as the paintbrush. Company slogans are also reversed, bringing to light the possibility that, in many minds, they may be just as appropriate for either business. The brain child of Romanian graphic designer Stefan Asafti, you can find more of his work on behance.net.


3 Exceptional Kinetic Typography Videos

Bringing life to common text, Kinetic typography lends captivating emotion to our reading, which when combined with interesting lyrics or monologue, can have a profound effect. The format however, has become quite standerdized and predictable, with each new iteration seeming to copy the last. Here are three examples we feel stand out from the crowd