Mugshot Doppelgänger: Old Mugs Get Celebrity Faces

We’re used to seeing the mugshots of celebrities on everything from TMZ to the latest grocery store tabloid covers… and whether we want to know or not, the stories of their problems seem to trickle down to us from the television, the paper or the the water cooler gossip at work. But, what if those familiar stories were removed from the context we are used to and placed in a past much like our own current era. These images take the familiar mugshot expressions of modern celebrities and place them on the mugshots of moonshiners, prostitutes and thieves from the 1920s. The vintage images have the effect of making us look at these modern miscreants with a new eye, perhaps reevaluating their humanity or even reimagining their storied pasts.

Richard Simmons at 30,000ft


The Kiwis have been getting more and more attention over the years. Lord of the Rings was filmed on their island, the Flight of the Concords enlightened us to the nuances of New Zealand culture, and over the years the islands to the South have continued as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. So for those considering a flight down to explore the islands, Air New Zealand has made the experience lighthearted like much of their culture is. The new safety videos for the planes have been reworked to give passengers a laugh instead of a snooze when watching the required safety briefing before the flight.