A Rechargeable LED Cork That Turns Ordinary Bottles into Lamps

Have a few empty bottles around? Turn them into table lamps. Check out bottlelights, a new cork-shaped LED light product that can be plugged (pun intended) into a bottle to illuminate it from within. It charges through a USB connection and gives three hours of light for every one hour of charge. The idea was developed by SUCK UK, a gift and home accessory company that seeks to create innovative products. This is the probably the coolest way to repurpose your bottle collection. 

Rubiks Snake Lamp Has Many Different Formations And They Are All Super Sleek

If you were a child in the 70’s or a vintage toy collector, you might have heard of the Rubik’s Snake. Russian designers Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev of Oikimus Design have shined a new light on that clever concept. They have created a stylish lamp out of plywood, LEDs, and frosted Plexiglass, with hinges that allow the parts to move and rotate into many sleek formations.

Inspired by the Big Bang, This Installation Is Gorgeous Times Infinity

Japanese watch maker CITIZEN and Paris-based architecture firm DGT reimagine time pieces as art materials in their installation LIGHT is TIME. The duo suspended over 65,000 base plates–the foundation behind a standard watch face–to create a sparkling, golden galaxy.

Half-Solid, Half-Shadow: Moto Waganari 3D Prints Wireframe Sculptures

“I wanted to create something that never existed before. Something that will amaze us because it is not feasible by human hands,” says German artist Moto Waganari. From the realm of 3D printing a new genre of art is emerging, and Waganari’s work is a prime example. Creating wireframe-like sculptures of humans and animals, his final piece is both solid and intangible – designed to interact with light and create a partnering shadow.

Liter of Light: Bringing Sustainable Light to Developing Communities

Back in 2011, we covered the organization Liter of Light and their mission to bring sustainable light to the Philippines by using plastic bottles. Now, three years later, it is amazing to see what has been accomplished and where the organization is going next.

While originally launched with a grant from the MyShelter foundation, the main proponent behind the movement has been social entrepreneur Illac Diaz. His approach is simple: instead of importing solar products to bring light, he develops the lights locally so that repairs and replacements become simple.

Back to Light: Artist Turns Fruit Into Electrochemical Cells for this Fantastic Photo Series

Remember back to middle school science class when you got to create your own circuit with copper wire, a galvanized nail, and a potato? Well photographer Caleb Charland has put an artistic twist on that old trick by transforming fruit into electrochemical cells. Aside from the awesome illumination, he creatively arranges everything and the wires to create beautiful long exposure photographs. With this series, which Charland calls Back to Light, he hopes to illustrate and initiate conversations about the endless possibilities of alternative and sustainable energy production.

Light Geometry: Shadow Cube Casts Patterns on Gallery Walls

Light and shadow play upon the walls and ceiling of the room, cast by Anila Quayyum Agha’s new large scale wooden sculpture, called Intersections. The intricately patterned wooden cube contains an interior light-source which illuminates the gallery around it with geometric forms that draw their inspiration from the intersections of culture and religion.

Stardust: Cosmic Photography Fun With A Flashlight

1 Star Dust Molly Strohl

Since every human being is composed of materials that were once part of a star, photographer Molly Strohl was inspired to bring this concept to life. Shining a flashlight on her subjects through poked holes, Strohl gives the illusion that stars are twinkling on their faces and bodies. The 20 year old photographer is based in Savannah, GA and has an aesthetic style well beyond her years.

Surreal Glowing Photography Lightbox Installations


Remember playing with Lite Brite when you were a kid, poking holes through the black paper with colored pins to create dinosaurs and sailboats? Swiss artist Daniele Buetti takes that concept to a whole new level with these beautiful installations. For a series called “Hands”, he beautifully photographed fists and fingers with surreal tints on a black background, then placed the photograph on an aluminium light box. He punctured thousands of holes through the image so that it appears the hands are impossibly holding on to light. See more images from this series on Bizarre Beyond Belief.

Holographic Sculptures- A Family of Light Beings

Roseline de Thélin 1

Inspired by astronomy, quantum physics, scientific theories, and the expansion of consciousness, Roseline de Thélin has been creating art with light for over 15 years. She uses scientific properties of light such as reflection, refraction, conduction, transparency, and refraction to create unique sculptures and installations. This series, called “The Homos Luminosos”, features a family of light beings that represent life, illusion, and mankind’s evolution. She came up with an original technique for using fiber optics, creating large light pieces by edging the fibers. The holographic images seem like they are straight out of a science fiction movie.