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Playful 3D Typography Interacts With Reality And Pops Off The Page

Saturday 09.06.2014 , Posted by

From the sketchbook popping works of Hideyuki Nagai and Alessandro Diddi to 3D sidewalk chalk art by Kurt Wenner, we’ve always been impressed by anamorphic talents. But now we can combine that with our nerd love for typography with these playful works by Swiss artist Cyril Voilloz. The talented graphic designer, who splits his time between Berlin, Geneva, and Vancouver shows off his sketching skills with the most lively typography series we’ve ever seen. Letters pop from the pages and interact with the real world like a character from Sesame Street. [Read more…]


It’s Alive: Creepily Endearing Human Typography by Jean-Charles Debroize

Thursday 03.13.2014 , Posted by
1-Jean-Charles Debroize

This may be the creepiest, yet most amazing typography to date. Art director and digital retouching artist for Creative Agency Kerozen, Jean-Charles Debroize transformed members of his campaign team into letter people. Not the cute cuddly kind from Sesame Street, but rather deformed little creatures that might haunt your dreams, but there is something endearing about these weird little letters with skin, eyes, and hair. [Read more…]


1500 Days of Hand Lettering and Illustration From Chris Piascik

Friday 11.22.2013 , Posted by

01 piascik

In 2007, Chris Piascik challenged himself to make a drawing a day, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Amassing a significant body of work, Piascik just completed his 1,500th daily drawing earlier this month. His witty illustrations, well-executed patterns, and often irreverent hand-lettering pieces are bold in both coloring and statement. [Read more…]


The Art of Fried Eggs: An Awesomely Delicious Typography Project

Sunday 09.22.2013 , Posted by


This amazing set of lettering by creative team Handmade Font combines two of my favorite things: typography and breakfast! The project involved “1,000 eggs, 10 pans, 5 burned fingers, 3 hours, 1 bottle of oil and a half of flat smelling like perfect and brand new Eggs font.” Based in Estonia, the team took high-resolution photos of sunny-side-up eggs in the shape of every letter and symbol you could ever want! Purchasing this set is so easy, it’s over-easy, but I guarantee when you check out their site you’ll have more than just Eggs type in your shopping basket. [Read more…]


Locks of Lettering: Human Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

Monday 09.16.2013 , Posted by

1 typeface human hair

If you have long hair like me, hair balls in the shower drain and garbage can after cleaning out the brush are a common occurrence. In this clever series, designer Monique Goossens transforms those commonly overlooked hairballs into typography. She shapes the clumps of hair into letters and leaves stray hairs radiating off of each one so that its material is obvious. The Amsterdam based artist studied Interior Design and Styling at Academie Artemis and became interested in the relationship between photography and design, so she continued her studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. [Read more…]


Leading Ladies of Science: A Typographic Tribute

Wednesday 07.10.2013 , Posted by

Women in science

To go along with his male-centric scientist minimalist typography series, Kapil Bhagat has added to it some of the most important females in science. With the popularity of his first set- Edison, Einstein, Copernicus, Galileo, Archimedes, Tesla, Darwin, and Pythagoras- he received requests for some of the leading ladies too, so on the anniversary of Marie Curie’s death he released this set. Honoring Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Barbara McClintock and Maria Mitchell, Bhagat creatively designs a way to show what each woman is famous for in her name. [Read more…]


Type in the Sky: Buildings Outline Cloudy Letters

Friday 06.07.2013 , Posted by


Many of us look to the sky for shapes and creatures in the clouds, but in a city you don’t always have the best view of the sky. Creative designer Lisa Rienermann saw cloudy blue letters as she looked up beyond the buildings and found a way to create the whole alphabet. Using the buildings as borders for each letter, she captured 26 remarkable photographic examples of what she calls Type in the Sky. She received an award for this series from the Type Directors Club New York, which exposed her work to Mercedes and Renault who later used it for their advertising campaigns. [Read more…]


Evolution of Type: Fossilized Typography

Tuesday 04.02.2013 , Posted by

Evolution of Type- 1

Remember making “fossils” in Science class? Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger takes that old lab up a notch with this fantastic series of typography. Inspired by the 1918 book, The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy which explains how language went from sounds to recognizable symbols and letters, Scheiger started a project called Evolution of Type. In this unique typography, he combines lettering with anatomy and paleontology to show an imaginary biological evolution, with “preserved” letters in amber, muscles and bones composing a segment of a letter sculpture, and now fossilized letters using plasticine, chicken bones, wood, water colors and gypsum. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #410 > Just “B” Yourself: Typography

Monday 04.01.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more…]


Stereoscopic Stitch: Embroidery Based Typography

Thursday 03.14.2013 , Posted by

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 1

Unless it’s brail, it’s not often you can reach out and touch the type that you’re reading. Graphic designer, Aries Wan recently created an experimental type project which allows us just that. Her work uses traditional hand embroidery to create the alphabet, numbers and a selection of punctuation marks, but manages to still give a nod to old-fashioned four-color printing at the same time. Each of her letters uses two CMYK colors, offset as if by printing error, to create what she calls an “optical 3D effect.” [Read more…]

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